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   Chapter 1957 An Insane Woman

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Melissa couldn't help but be worried as she watched the exhausted Charles climb up the stairs.

However, she knew she couldn't do anything even if she wanted to. She couldn't get involved in Charles' relationships again. She'd already done that in the past, and she wouldn't repeat the same mistakes.

When Charles went back to his room, he couldn't fall asleep. He couldn't get his mind off what had happened at the marriage registration office.

It had been quite obvious that Sheryl was upset because she was shaking, but she didn't cry a single tear.

Charles despised himself for being the way he was.

Was the life of some random person more important than his marriage with Sheryl?

The gravity of something's importance is difficult to discern, especially in this case. If Charles had to choose, he'd choose his life with his wife and kids over some random person's life. However, he knew he couldn't do that.

Charles wanted to shout and scream in anger, but he wasn't that type of person, so he kept it to himself.

While Sheryl tried to conceal her sadness, it still showed. To the people around her, it was quite obvious, and they couldn't help but be worried about her.

Joan then realized it was time to pick up the kids at the kindergarten.

Her mind was racing. The keen kids couldn't help but notice, so they kept badgering her, asking her what she was thinking. She couldn't bring herself to say a word.

Joan knew that she shouldn't have made the kids worry about her, so she managed a smile. "Nothing. I'm just thinking about what I should cook for dinner tonight."

"Really?" Clark looked at Joan in disbelief.

Joan felt restless under Clark's scrutinizing gaze. She scratched her head, put on a smile, and looked away.

When they arrived home, she took the kids upstairs and put their school bags away.

When Sheryl heard the sound of the door opening, she washed her face to make sure she looked fine. Then she went out to the living room to greet the kids.

"Mommy, why are

he wasn't getting anywhere. She had no choice but to leave in frustration.

After the nurse had left, Vicky screeched.

Meanwhile, Charles had just arrived. David had gotten there earlier, and he was waiting for Charles outside.

"Mr. Lu, you're finally here. The hospital's going to discharge her. Meaning they're kicking her out," David blurted out as soon as he saw Charles.

"Fine. Let's go." Charles glanced at David without any emotion on his face, and then they both headed inside the hospital.

Charles could hear Vicky screaming from outside the room. He instantly frowned to himself.

"Vicky, what on earth are you doing?" Charles said angrily. This woman was the reason why he had to divorce Sheryl. What else did she want? Did she want him to stay by her side forever?

"Charles, why are you yelling at me? I don't know. I just miss you. I didn't see you last night. I was so scared..." Vicky stared at Charles, seemingly upset.

Charles didn't know what to say.

To him, Vicky was insane. He didn't know what was going on in her mind because she was insane. She didn't have logic or reasoning.

"Whatever. I need to work, so I can't be here all the time. If you continue behaving like this, I won't be able to do anything about it." Charles knew he had to be firm with her. After speaking, he made his way to leave.

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