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   Chapter 1955 Pretending To Be Tough.

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Isla could not bear to see Sheryl seething within her heart while trying to retain her composure externally. She slapped her hand on the table, saying, "What are you waiting for, Sher? Just call Charles at once and ask him what happened?"

Sheryl and Charles had just begun to sort things out among themselves. Looking at Sheryl's depressed expression, Isla realized how tired she must be feeling because of all of this. Charles had committed so many mistakes so far. Now, these things seemed to be part and parcel of life if Sheryl chose to stay with Charles.

"Isla, you know what? We agreed to be with the kids yesterday. But he did not show up, nor did he answer my call." Sheryl looked at Isla, her eyes dull and weary with grief. She had reached the brink of her patience now.

"So you have to confront him and ask him what exactly happened yesterday. Come, let's go and find him now." Saying this, Isla held Sheryl's hand and walked ahead, intending to look for Charles. She could not just sit there and watch Sheryl in this state, doing nothing.

Sheryl shook off Isla's hand and remained rooted in her place, avoiding eye contact with Isla.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!"

Isla said, wondering who had the guts to interrupt them at this time.

It was Phoebe. She was a little awkward in walking inside the office. She had seen the photos in Isla's hand before and knew that something must have happened between Charles and Miss Xia again.

"Miss Xia, Mr. Lu is here."

"He has the guts to come here?" Isla exclaimed. Isla almost stormed out of the room, followed by Phoebe to find Charles without even waiting for Sheryl's response.

Sheryl was afraid that Isla might cause trouble, so she followed right after her.

Charles was standing outside Sheryl's office. His expression changed when he saw Isla come out with an angry look. From Isla's look, he knew that they might have come to know about what happened.

"So honored to meet you here, Mr. Charles Lu, the President of the Shining Company. So? What brought you here today?" Isla's acidic remarks were hurtful enough to make anybody retaliate with the same aggression.

Yet, Charles had remained

let Charles hurt Sheryl anymore.

"Enough!" Sheryl raised her palm, indicating for Isla to be quiet. Then she turned around and walked out of the building of the Cloud Advertising Company.

Charles followed close at her heels. He hadn't uttered a single word after giving his consent for the divorce.

Sheryl saw David in the car outside the building and said to him, coldly, "Take me to the apartment."

David saw Sheryl's eyes were red and knew that Charles might have told her everything.

"Okay," David obeyed Sheryl's instructions and opened the door for her to get inside the car.

Sheryl got in the car. Charles hesitated for a second before following her in.

They didn't exchange a single word as they drove off to Sheryl's apartment.

Sheryl looked out through the window, restraining herself from looking at Charles.

She knew that if she looked at him, she would not be able to control her tears. And this was the last thing she wanted to do in front of him at the moment. She didn't want to reveal her vulnerability in front of him.

The moment the car stopped outside Sheryl's apartment, she got out of the car quickly. She held a restraining hand to Charles, gesturing him not to follow her.

Sheryl did not look left or right and walked straight into her room. The very next moment, as she closed the door behind her, she collapsed on the ground, tears cascading down her face.

Joan was terrified to see Sheryl in this condition.

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