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   Chapter 1954 A Picture

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After ending the call from Joan, Nancy was lost in thought.

On the second floor, Melissa was disturbed by a sudden pain in her eyes. She told herself aging was doing this to her. Last night, she had gone to bed only an hour later than her usual time. However, this small change in her sleep pattern had caused her discomfort today.

Melissa dragged her tired body along as she slowly went downstairs. When she caught sight of Nancy standing there blankly, she walked to her in confusion and asked, "Nancy, is something wrong?"

"My Lady, why are you up so early? You should be sleeping more." Nancy remembered that Melissa had gone to bed late last night. Hence, she hadn't expected her to get up so early.

"Ah, I am a very old lady now. I don't get to control the amount of sleep I get. But forget that and tell me what is the matter with you." Melissa still wanted to know why Nancy had been standing there, looking perplexed.

Nancy sighed and thought for a while. Since Melissa was expecting an answer, Nancy responded at last, "Joan called to inform me that Sher went out, looking anxious, this morning. And Mr. Lu didn't come back home last night. I can't help but worry."

"Right. Why didn't Charles tell us anything? Didn't David contact Sher?" Panic began to flash across Melissa's eyes. She started to worry, thinking something was wrong with them.

The more she thought about the matter, the more restless she felt. Unable to put her mind at rest, she started to pace back and forth nervously.

"My Lady, don't worry too much. Mr. Lu might have had something important to handle. Maybe that's why he didn't come back. How about you ask David about it?" Nancy suggested seeing the extent of worry on Melissa's face.

"Yes, I am going to call David right away."

Hearing Nancy's words, Melissa came back to her senses. Thinking this was the best thing to do, she dialed David's number.

After a long while, David finally picked up the phone.

"Where is Charles? Is there something wrong?" Melissa asked, unable to hide her concern.

Before David could react, Melissa had already bombarded him with several questions. He hesitated for a while and glanced at the man next to him. Then he coughed before replying casually, "My Lady, Mr. Lu is alright. Why are you worried?"

"Joan, who works for Sher, said that she went out looking anxious today. Is it possible that Charles asked Sher out last night but later stood her up?" Me

waved at the secretary, hinting that she should leave.

After the secretary was out of sight, Charles stood up and walked to the French window. Later, he announced, "We need to go to Cloud Advertising Company as soon as possible. I don't think it is right to waste any more time."

"Okay." David could clearly see how distressed Charles was. Under the circumstance, he thought it was best to say nothing.

Five minutes after David walked out, Charles went downstairs as well.

Throughout the journey, the two of them remained silent. Soon, they reached Cloud Advertising Company.

"Wait for me on the first floor." Charles didn't want David to come with him. He planned to face Sheryl alone.

"Mr. Lu, I will talk to Ms. Xia if you are reluctant to face her," David suggested. What had happened yesterday was unacceptable to Charles. And as an onlooker, David was also unable to deal with it.

"No, thanks. This is something I will have to handle on my own." Charles looked determined when he spoke.

Now David had no choice but to wait for his boss in the car.

In Sheryl's office, she was walking back and forth.

Her eyes once again fell on the picture that was on the table. Isla had brought it just now. And this further spoiled her mood.

Yesterday, she had kept waiting for Charles, but he didn't even have the courtesy to attend her calls. If he had an emergency, she would have understood. However, at that time, he had been having dinner with a woman.

Sheryl couldn't believe that Charles could be so insensitive towards her. She was unable to control her disappointment and started to clench her fists.

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