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   Chapter 1953 Having Lunch Together.

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"Charles, how are you going to get Sheryl back to this house?" Melissa said with a sigh. She anxiously hoped that Sheryl could move back to live with them just like before.

Charles was touched by his mother's words. A smile crept on his lips as he nodded to her and answered, "Mom, rest assured. I know her very well. I will plan everything carefully. Sheryl will come back to this house as your daughter-in-law!"

"Alright. I hope everything falls into place soon." Melissa was much more assured after marking the confidence in Charles' words. She patted Charles' back before he walked out of the house.

At Shining Company

Charles had been away from the company for quite a long time. Surely as he came back, there would be a lot of work waiting for him that demanded his special attention? Therefore, he did not have the luxury to waste time anymore before heading to the company.

In the office, David looked like he had something on his mind that he wanted to share with Charles.

"What's up? Is there anything you want to tell me?" Knowing David so well for such a long time, Charles immediately marked the hesitation in him.

"Mr. Lu, when I was driving Ms. Xia back yesterday, she said something really weird..." David thought that it was important for him to share the piece of information with Charles.

Charles' face broke into a smile.

He knew that his plan had worked. Sheryl must feel conflicted in her mind right now. It wouldn't take long for her to sway to his side.

"Alright. I get it. You can go back to work now," Charles said to David in a gentle voice.

For the entire morning, Charles remained neck-deep in the piles of documents he needed to look through, approve, and sign.

Meanwhile, Sheryl's side of the story in the Cloud Advertising Company was no different.

The moment Sheryl came back, Isla pushed all the company matters to her.

She walked into her office to be welcomed by files piled up on her desk. Sheryl shared a pitiful glance with Isla.

"Isla," Sheryl begged when Isla didn't seem to pity her at all. "Must you do this to me?"

"Stop doing that," Isla replied in a stern voice. "I'm not Charles. You should take your own responsibilities. When you were not around, I was taking care of everything all by myself."

Isla started to complain.

She kept complaining until Sheryl couldn't take it anymore. "All right. All right." Sheryl shrugged. "You're a

owever, and again to her surprise, there wasn't even a message from Charles.

The next day

Sheryl felt that it was rather weird. 'Charles isn't such an irresponsible person. More than half a day is gone, and he hasn't even called me back. This is rather weird for a man like Charles! No matter how busy he is, he should have called me, ' Sheryl thought.

Thinking about it, Sheryl started to have a terrible feeling. Her anger was gradually being replaced by anxiousness and concern for Charles. She left everything and headed to the Shining Company.

Joan watched Sheryl as she rushed out of the house. Worried that there might be something wrong, she called Nancy at once.

At that time, Nancy was busy preparing breakfast. She was puzzled when she saw the call from Joan. Nevertheless, she picked up the call.

"Nancy, do you know if something has happened between Ms. Xia and Mr. Lu?" Joan asked straightaway without getting into any further conversation with Nancy.

"No. Why?" Nancy became even more bewildered. She hadn't seen Sheryl since that night. Now that Joan asked, she was worried if everything was fine with Sheryl.

"Okay...This morning, Ms. Xia rushed out of the house. So I'm a bit worried..." Joan heaved a sigh.

"Wait! Mr. Lu didn't come back home yesterday!" Nancy suddenly remembered something strange the night before. 'Is it because of that?' she thought in her mind.

Last night Melissa kept calling Charles, but none of the calls were answered. It was David who called back to inform Melissa that Charles wouldn't be coming back. Then Melissa had given up and gone to bed.

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