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   Chapter 1952 Know Well About Him

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Sheryl ensured Charles had fallen asleep. Without making any noise, she moved and wanted to get up and go downstairs. But before she could leave, he reached for her arm and, holding her, showed no signs of letting go.

"Sher, don't go. Please don't leave me..." Charles' eyes were closed. It seemed like he was talking in his sleep.

Sheryl didn't say anything, but instead, she sat near him and let him hold her arm.

Charles wasn't awake; however, he felt relieved in his sleep, knowing she was near him. He continued to sleep peacefully.

After quite a while, Sheryl moved a little and checked if Charles would be disturbed. Realizing he was deep in sleep, she moved her hand and quietly walked out of the bedroom.

She was under the impression she was alone when she stepped out. But it turned out Melissa was still waiting on the first floor.

"Mother, why are you up so late?" Sheryl couldn't bear to see Melissa waiting for her. Also, she was a bit afraid to hear what her mother-in-law had to say.

"Sher, is Charles sleeping?" Melissa glanced upstairs and waved her hand, gesturing for Sheryl to approach her.

"Yes, he is. You should go back to bed now. I am leaving." After speaking, Sheryl prepared to leave.

Melissa didn't plan to let Sheryl go; hence, she grabbed her hand. "Sher, I know it was my fault. Can you forgive me?" she questioned, honestly looking guilty.

Sheryl had never expected such an apology from Melissa. According to her, Melissa hated her and would never change her impression. This apology left her at loss of words.

When they had been in Australia, Charles had mentioned to Sheryl everything that had happened between Melissa and Leila. Sheryl had figured that Melissa would undoubtedly accuse Leila of pushing her down the stairs. However, she hadn't expected that such a realization would happen so soon.

"Mother, we are a family. You have nothing to feel guilty about. I don't hold you responsible for anything." Sheryl felt embarrassed having Melissa apologize to her.

"But you are unwilling to live in Dream Garden. Is it because of me?" Melissa's voice started to tremble. She couldn't even muster up the courage to meet Sheryl's eyes.

Sheryl waved her hand and explained quickly, "No, Mother. You misunderst

heryl swiftly got out of the car and said goodbye to David.

David looked at Sheryl and watched her walk upstairs. He was relieved and felt fortunate as the trip had gone smoothly. What was more, the man from Australia hadn't come with her. It appeared that his boss wouldn't have to worry anymore.

While thinking of this, David felt content.

After going back to the apartment, Sheryl took a quick shower and went to bed.

The next day, it was quiet in Dream Garden.

Melissa realized how dull the place seemed without Sheryl and the kids. The memories she had with Leila flashed before her eyes, and she felt a grievance clutch at her heart.

"Nancy, go and check if Charles is awake now." Melissa stretched her body and glanced at Nancy. She believed it was late now, and Charles had to get up, so she ordered Nancy to wake him up.

"Okay, my Lady. I am going to wake up Mr. Lu," Nancy replied and rushed upstairs.

In the main bedroom on the second floor, just when Charles prepared to get up, he heard a knock on the door. He asked the visitor to come in.

"Mr. Lu, you are already awake. In that case, let me inform you that breakfast is ready." Seeing that Charles had woken up, Nancy offered him breakfast.

"Okay, I am coming downstairs in a couple of minutes." Charles smiled at Nancy, and she went downstairs. Within a few minutes, he managed to get ready and came downstairs for breakfast.

As soon as he was done eating, Charles prepared to go to work. However, Melissa stopped him.

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