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   Chapter 1951 Misunderstanding

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As Sheryl got off the plane, she felt a sense of familiarity. She looked around as the wind brushed against her face. The city looked pretty much the same, except for some overexcited happy faces waiting to welcome her back home.

"Sher..." Isla shrieked out of joy. She was the first to see Sheryl. Her eyes were filled with tears as she flung her arms around Sheryl.

Sheryl was also happy to meet her after such a long time. She took quick steps ahead. They gave each other a big hug.

"Sheryl, thank God you came back, finally. If you didn't come back, I would have gone to Australia to search for you." Isla looked at Sheryl grudgingly and pretended to hit her on her shoulder.

Sheryl was moved to see all her friends who had come to receive her.

"Sher, Isla, please, don't start crying now. Otherwise, I'll not be able to control my tears either." Cassie's eyes were also filled with tears. "Stop crying, okay?" Nick was confused to see all three the women become so emotional and teary-eyed.

Together, they drove Sheryl home to drop her luggage. Then they headed out to have dinner.

In fact, they hadn't had a party like this for a long time.

By the time their dinner came, Isla was so drunk that she began to blame Charles.

Charles didn't speak a word in retaliation. Rather, he just listened to her. It seemed that Charles was ready to take all the blame upon himself.

Sheryl felt uncomfortable. Initially, she was skeptical that Charles would get angry. And if he got into an argument with Isla, there would be a scene in the restaurant. But as she saw that Charles was patiently listening to what Isla was saying, she became assured.

Aron tried to stop Isla. Even he was afraid that they might break into an argument if she continued like this.

"What? I must stop talking? That is impossible. Sher has been wronged by others. And it was all because of Charles. If Ferry hadn't threatened Sheryl and told her that he would kill Charles, Sheryl would never have demanded a divorce. I saw her at that time. She was in so much pain!"

"What are you talking about?" Isla's words came as a whip on Charles' skin. He sat upright and stared at her with a frown.

"You don't know this? Oh! Don't tell me you don't know this! How come?

staring at Dream Garden.

Charles saw that Sheryl was standing in front of the house but was not willing to go in. He hugged Sheryl immediately and said with a gentle expression, "Sher, it won't happen again. I promise. I will protect you in the future. Please believe me!"

"Come in!" Sheryl didn't say anything, but she quietly slid away from Charles' arms.

She knew that all those unpleasant days were in the past. Yet she couldn't forget it. It was like a knife that cut her heart into pieces.

Charles saw Sheryl's back and felt restless. Her silence made him feel miserable.

David had called Melissa in advance. She knew that Charles was coming home with Sheryl. Though it was late, she was still waiting in the living room because she wanted to apologize to Sheryl.

"Sher, I am so happy to see you! You have finally come back." As soon as Melissa saw Sheryl, she walked towards her. It seemed that she was excited to see Sheryl.

Sheryl marked Melissa's excitement. She nodded her head, but she dodged when Melissa wanted to take her hand.

Melissa understood that there had been a lot of misunderstanding between them. But she believed that over time everything would be fine.

"Well, Mom, it is late. Thank you for waiting for me." Sheryl felt a little embarrassed. She looked at Melissa and helped Charles to go upstairs.

Charles had drunk so much that he couldn't walk on his own.

At that moment, Charles looked like a small and cute cat who followed Sheryl to go upstairs.

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