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   Chapter 1948 I'm At Your Disposal.

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Sheryl had never expected Charles to flare up like this in front of so many people. She felt awkward. She was angry but didn't know what to say.

Charles was also equally furious. He wondered how Sheryl had attracted a man in such a short time during her stay in Australia. The feeling of familiarity that this man was showing towards Sheryl was depressing and intolerable for Charles. He could not take it, and he was worried.

Sheryl glared at Charles without exchanging even a word with him. Then she turned to the guests and smiled. She tried to conceal her embarrassment and apologized. "Everyone, I am sorry. Please, go ahead." After speaking, Sheryl waited for the crowd to disperse. Then she grabbed Damian's arm and walked in another direction without even casting a glance at Charles as if he didn't even exist in that room.

Charles felt heartbroken to see Sheryl ignoring him for another man. Yet he realized that it was not the right place and time to deal with this.

In a few moments, Sheryl had disappeared into the crowd and that with an unknown man too. Charles felt a sting of emptiness in his heart. Yet he had no choice but to wait.

As Damian followed Sheryl, he had noticed her pale face. He asked with concern, "Ms. Xia, are you all right?"

"Ah, yes. I am fine. I am sorry to have gotten you involved in all this." Sheryl looked at Damian awkwardly and felt sorry for him.

However, Damian looked more concerned than embarrassed. He gave a reassuring smile to Sheryl and said, "Never mind. We are friends, right?"

"Yes. Thanks." Sheryl smiled and felt relieved. She felt it was nice that Damian understood her without having to explain too much.

The two found a place to sit down. Damian looked at Sheryl and wanted to say something but hesitated.

After a few moments of silence, Sheryl noticed that he wanted to ask something. She broke the silence and asked, "Do you want to ask something?"

"Hmm. After all that just happened, you became quiet, so I don't know if I should ask. Is tha

corridor for a while.

"Which one is Sher's bedroom?" Last time, Charles had insisted on hugging Sheryl and sleeping with her for one night, but it had been an accident. At that time, they hadn't gone upstairs. They had stayed in the guest room on the first floor.

Shirley pointed to the second room in the front and smiled. "Daddy, that is Mommy's room. Clark and I live in the room next door."

"Shirley, you are a very good girl." Charles caressed Shirley's cheek and then went to Sheryl's bedroom led by the two children.

Looking at the familiar furnishings in the room, Charles felt warmed. The room gave him a very home-like feeling. At least, it proved that Sheryl was still the same as before, so he firmly believed that as long as he stayed with her, she would forgive him sooner or later.

Clark and Shirley were glad to see that Charles entered Sheryl's room. Especially Clark, who thought that his daddy was drunk. If he stayed with his mommy for one night, they would make it up the next morning.

In Sheryl's bedroom

"Daddy, just stay in Mommy's room tonight." Clark shook Charles' arm and felt excited.

Charles looked at Clark and couldn't help but laugh. He thought his son just took after him. He was indeed too receptive for his age.

"Okay, I am at your disposal." Charles sat on the bedside and looked overjoyed.

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