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   Chapter 1946 A Clever Child

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"Phoebe, why are you so shy? You are Josef's girlfriend. It's normal for you to hang out together. But I want to ask him. You have been in a relationship for so long, but he hasn't proposed marriage to you yet. What does he want?"

Isla said, deliberately intending to provoke Phoebe.

Hearing that, Phoebe shook her head immediately. "Ms. Zhao, you..."

"Forget it. You are so scared. Don't worry. I won't do anything. I am approving your leave application. Have a good time. Don't come back until you have fully enjoyed yourself. Do you understand?" Isla looked at Phoebe, smiling through her eyes.

In fact, Isla was glad to see that Phoebe had found a good boyfriend. Moreover, the boy who was in a relationship with Phoebe was Aron's cousin. Isla was glad to know that they would become relatives soon.

"Thanks, Ms. Zhao. I will take my leave now." Phoebe glanced at Isla bashfully and then bowed before she walked out of her office.

These days everything was going on very well, and Isla suddenly felt so light because she had nothing to do. Charles had been in Australia for several days. Why hadn't he brought Sher back?

At this thought, Isla felt that her heart became heavy all of a sudden. She was apprehensive that something was wrong with them in Australia. The next moment she found herself dialing Sheryl's number.

In Australia

Sheryl was watching the flowers in the garden from inside the villa, and Charles was playing games with the kids. She turned around to find her phone ringing. And as soon as Sheryl saw that the call was from Isla, she made an awkward face. As Isla's name flashed on her phone screen, she remembered that she hadn't contacted her best friend for a long time. She picked up the phone quickly.

"Isla, I miss you!" Sheryl knew how to persuade an angry person with a smile. No matter how mad Isla was at her for not being in touch, Sheryl knew that she could win her back with some nice words.

"Bad girl, why is it that I don't know that you miss me?" Isla pretended to be angry with Sheryl.

Sheryl certainly knew Isla wouldn't truly be mad at her. However, she must have felt unhappy.

"I miss you, really."

"Well, if that is true, why haven't you called me for so

her surprised because he knew that Sheryl didn't like parties. Then why would she host a party now?

"Mommy said we have been in Australia for a long time now, and the kids in the neighborhood are nice to me and my sister, so she will invite the neighbors to our house..." Clark's voice was bursting with excitement.

Charles nodded knowingly.

"Daddy, please do come here then. Shirley and I will introduce you to the guests. Then, even if Mommy is angry with you, she has to admit in front of so many people..." Although Clark was just a child, he was remarkably receptive and sensible for his age.

Charles' eyes sparkled with joy as he heard Clark's words. He kissed his son.

"Good boy, I will listen to you and do as you said." And thus Charles agreed to be an accomplice in the ploy Clark had contrived.

When Sheryl came downstairs, she found Clark giggling in his father's embrace. This was what she always dreamed about. Her heart melted at seeing that the smile on Clark's face had returned. Yet she appeared to be indifferent as if all this was none of her business.

"Honey, have you gotten up?" Charles didn't conceal his love for Sheryl. Rather he greeted her intimately in a spontaneous manner right in front of Clark.

Sheryl hadn't expected Charles to behave like that and glanced at Clark, feeling awkward.

However, Clark was clever enough to save the moment. He chuckled as he covered his eyes with his hands, pretending that he couldn't see anything.

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