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   Chapter 1945 It Depends

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At dinner, Charles deliberately asked the kids to go back home with him, assuming that this might stir Sheryl into a conversation. Upon hearing that, the kids jumped with excitement because they wanted to spend quality time with their beloved parents, but Sheryl had not even uttered a word yet. Charles could no longer bear her silence, and this made him feel extremely uncertain.

"Daddy, you have no idea, we all missed you so much lately..." Shirley glanced at Charles with her deep hazel eyes, clearly reflecting the immense grief she had gone through during the past few days.

Charles stared at her and then glanced at Sheryl, observing that she paused for a while. He dispensed a forced smile through the corner of his lips and subtly touched Shirley's little face. "Shirley, I am so sorry, my princess. It's Daddy's fault! I won't do that ever again."

"It's okay, Daddy! But, you must keep your promise now," Clark responded. Clark acted like an adult and gazed at his father persistently as if he was lost in his thoughts, contemplating over something important.

"Okay, take my word kids, I will keep my promise," Charles replied with firm assurance. Charles noticed Clark staring at him steadily and glanced back at him with affection.

While Charles was chatting with the kids, Sheryl wasn't even the least bit bothered to say anything to them. It appeared as if she didn't care about a thing going on around her.

Soon after dinner, Sheryl and the kids played together for a little while, cherishing their fellowship once again after a long haul.

Sheryl then cradled the children and rocked them to sleep. The kids eventually fell asleep right after the clock struck nine.

Charles was involved in work in the living room later that night. He knew that he hadn't solved some little problems yet because he had left anxiously. Charles grabbed the phone from the table hastily and dialed a number.

Sheryl snuck out of the children's room, trying not to make a noise, as it might disturb their good night's sleep. She saw Charles making a phone call and walked past him so as not to disturb him. Sheryl went straight to the dining room, grabbed a glass, and poured some water. She gulped the whole glass in one go, quenching her thirst.

Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her. Sheryl turned around without blinking her eyes. Charles was right behind her. He narrowed his eyes and stared at her with passion dripping from his eyes. Sheryl could no longer resist the intense sensations running through her nerves and gave in to the butterflies in her stomach. The mere glance at Charles was enough to make her shy.

"What are you doing here?," Sheryl interrogated.

"Honey, I miss you like hell!" As soon as Charles concluded the sentence, he lifted Sheryl up from the ground in his arms.

Sheryl struggled for a while and pushed him back reluctantly. However, she finally gave in feeling his dapper body touching her right away. She thought she could resist him for such a lo

the key, so how could he get into her house?

"Clark gave the key to me." Charles dangled the key in front of Sheryl.

Sheryl was puzzled about the kid's behavior. The kids had not been ready to see Charles' face because they were so angry at him. Yet why did the kids change when he started to reappear in front of them?

The truth was that the kids weren't mad at him; they drew closer to him during his absence. Obviously, they missed their father the most.

"What have you done to the kids? Did you cast a spell on them?" Sheryl proposed because she was flabbergasted.

Upon hearing Sheryl's query, Charles shrugged, smiled complacently, and stated, "I am their father. Aren't they supposed to be close to me?"

"Forget it! I am not in the mood to talk with you right now" Since Charles didn't seem about to tell her the truth, Sheryl turned around and stepped forward to leave.

Without even delaying for a second, Charles stretched out his hand to grab her wrist and laughed with affection. "Sher, they weren't close to me in the beginning, you know that. But I told them why it all happened. They understood my stance and forgave me. When will you forgive me, honey?"

Charles knew that even though Sheryl said nothing, she still blamed him for all that had happened.

"It depends on my mood." Sheryl dropped this reply out of the corner of her mouth and then went about her business.

Charles showed a faint smile on his lips. He knew that haste never brings triumph and, while she was around him, sooner or later, her heart would definitely melt.

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Isla looked Phoebe in her eyes and found the blush on her face. Then she pointed at her and smiled, lost in thought. "Phoebe, you asked for leave because you have a date with Josef, right?"

"Ms. Zhao, since you know that already, why do you ask it?" Phoebe's face turned redder as she blushed in embarrassment. She felt so shy that she wanted to hide and disappear right away from Isla's sight.

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