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   Chapter 1943 The Flu

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Charles had seen a lot, but upon seeing this, an acid taste rose up in his throat that was bitter to the tongue.

Suddenly, Charles' phone rang.

"President Lu, Leila has committed suicide."

"Yes, I know."

Charles hung up the call and dialed another number. Before leaving the hospital, he made some other arrangements first.

In the Cloud Advertising Company

"Phoebe, what did you just say? I beg your pardon?!" Isla asked Phoebe in disbelief.

Isla had been quite busy with work these past few days, and she hadn't been able to catch up with the news. She didn't know Ferry was in jail until she checked the news that morning.

Frankly, she was relieved when she saw the news. Ferry was the one who had threatened Sheryl into getting a divorce from Charles. Sheryl's life wouldn't be miserable if it weren't for Ferry. Now that he was locked up in jail, no one was going to bother Sheryl anymore.

"I heard President Lu was behind Ferry being arrested. I asked Josef, and he told me about President Lu's scheme. Oh, and Leila committed suicide. She jumped from the hospital building's roof..." Phoebe said to Isla, who was visibly relieved and happy.

"Leila deserves that. She should've done that a long time ago. She should be thankful that no one had killed her yet," Isla snidely commented as she looked at Phoebe.

Phoebe and Isla exchanged glances before smiling at each other.

In the Dream Garden

Melissa restlessly sat on the sofa as she waited for news from Charles. She was quite worried as she didn't know what kind of tricks Leila had up her sleeve.

When the door opened, Melissa jumped up and rushed to the door. Upon seeing it was Nancy, she couldn't help but be a little frustrated. "Oh. You're back."

"Yes, Mrs. Lu. Are you okay?" Nancy asked, a bit embarrassed. She had no idea what was going on.

Melissa seemed a bit gentler and softer than she was before. She sighed before responding to Nancy. "I'm fine, Nancy. Thanks for asking. Thanks for all your hard work over these past few days. Charles told me everything..."

"You're welcome, Mrs. Lu. We're family after all. It was all just Leila's fault."

Nancy hadn't actually gotten fired as it was just part of Charles' plan. She had received a call from a servant in the Dream Garden to give her the green light that she could return t

we just go back home?" Shirley asked Sheryl hopefully. She was pouting and pleading with Sheryl.

Sheryl's heart sunk upon hearing this for she, too, missed Charles. However, as much as she wanted to do something, she couldn't. She didn't know what was happening with the Lu Family and the Shining Company right now. Wherever she went, bodyguards would follow her and wouldn't let her go anywhere else or even talk to anyone. She felt like she was being imprisoned.

"I know, Shirley. Can you wait for a few more days? Dad's busy. I know he plans to fly here once he's done with work." That was the only thing Sheryl could think of saying to comfort Shirley as she really didn't know what was happening with Charles.

"Mom, what's happening? I think something bad is happening," Clark asked Sheryl. He'd been so worried since the first day they arrived here.

"Why would you ask that?" Sheryl asked, furrowing her brows. However, she immediately replaced this with a smile as she didn't want Clark to worry.

"Isn't it pretty obvious? Why did we move here all of a sudden? We're being surrounded by bodyguards, and they won't let us go outside. If everything's really fine, then what is this all about?" Clark explained. He stared at Sheryl so that she wouldn't lie to him.

Sheryl was amused by Clark. He really was wise beyond his years.

"Don't worry, Clark. Everything's fine. We moved here because of the flu. I was afraid you and Shirley might catch it." Sheryl smiled as she spoke. She had already mastered lying to her children when needed.

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