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   Chapter 1939 Arrest Ferry

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"Leila, I think you may have misunderstood my intentions. I didn't make a promise to you. What I want is the Shining Company. Consider your options again. Without the Shining Company, you can marry Charles. But if Charles is still the CEO of the company, you can't marry him." All of a sudden, Ferry sat up straight and tapped his fingers rhythmically on the table.

He made Leila more and more nervous.

She knew Ferry was greedy, but she didn't know that he'd actually want the entirety of the Shining Company.

"In fact, if I'm the president of the Shining Company, you can be my vice president. You'll get the happy life you've always wanted. Meanwhile, Charles will have nothing, and he'll want to marry you," Ferry dreamily said. He purposely did this so he could lure Leila in.

It worked. Leila was seemingly tempted.

As much as Leila wanted to be the wife of the president of the Shining Company, she had no choice as Ferry was already threatening her. If she could save her life and earn a lot of money at the same time, she'd have no problems with that either.

"I'm not discussing this with you. If you don't agree to this, I assure you that you're going to die. It's not like you have any other choice." Ferry was smiling as he spoke. It was as if he wasn't threatening Leila's life.

"Don't worry. I know. I'm not stupid. If there's nothing else, I need to leave." Leila didn't even stay for coffee. She left right away.

When Leila had come back, she acted naturally as if nothing had happened. However, she noticed that Charles was being cold to her again. She had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

She couldn't help but wonder if something had happened. When she saw Wade, she pulled her aside and asked, "What's wrong with Charles?"

"Nothing. Why? What's the matter?" Wade looked at Leila, confused.

This left Leila in a bind. She thought, 'Does Charles know that I met with Ferry?

No, no. He couldn't. It's impossible.'

Leila racked her mind, trying to figure it out. She t

vid knew what Charles meant at once. He had forgotten that before him, it was Charles who had prepared for everything. When he asked David to do some of the work, David knew that he had to do it as well as Charles would.

"Mr. Lu, I was just overthinking."

"No worries. Make sure you keep any eye on Leila. Now that Ferry's been arrested, she's bound to do something." Charles looked at David with a serious expression.

Charles wasn't worried about Ferry. What he was more concerned about was what Leila would do as he was afraid she might hurt Melissa. After all, she'd done it before.

"All right! Mr. Lu, I will ask someone to watch her closely."

When David saw the look on Charles' face, he figured it was probably important to Charles.

At Ferry's villa

"Don't you know who I am? Where's your director? Let me talk to him!" When Ferry saw the police come inside his villa, he felt as if someone had hit him on the head.

"Ferry, you're being accused of illegal trade. You're under arrest!" The chief of the police station led the team. He ignored Ferry's threats. After he spoke, he ordered his men to put Ferry in handcuffs right away.

Even though Ferry was aggressive, he didn't dare to struggle as the police put him in handcuffs. After a while, the police had also arrested his men and brought them all to the police station.

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