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   Chapter 1936 Lost And Found

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''I'm sorry, boss. It happened so suddenly that we didn't have time to prepare at all!'' His men had kept their heads lowered the entire time. They wouldn't meet Ferry's gaze.

"Suddenly? I've been generous with all the departments. I've given them all the benefits they could possibly need! What's happening? Who's doing this?'' Ferry roared in anger.

The subordinate raised his eyes and looked timidly at Ferry. ''It's all the departments, sir. Fire control, safety, food, drugs...'' he stammered in response.

''Get out of here!''

Ferry figured someone was definitely sabotaging him, and he only had one guess on who that could be—Rex.

However, Rex couldn't possibly be capable of this.

Ferry couldn't help but wonder who was behind all this. The subordinates he sent out to investigate didn't get anything. Everything was falling apart in a perfect pattern as if his bars and night clubs were meant to go out of business.

Ferry racked his mind for any other possibility, but he just couldn't figure it out. When suddenly, someone came in.

''Boss, our staff in the ballroom's been taken away!'' one of his staff reported, beads of sweat rolling down his face. He was scared that Ferry would take his anger out on him.

"What? Who was it?" No one in this whole city would dare to do that to Ferry and his business. He couldn't believe someone would do that and he was definitely going to make him pay.

''Sorry, sir. I've sent someone to investigate, but he couldn't find anything. They arrived in our area about two days ago. They'd just opened a new ballroom, and theirs is so much better than ours, '' his subordinate stammered in response.

Ferry looked at his staff and fell into deep thought, all the while sneering. His eyes were gleaming as he said, "Since they're looking for trouble, why don't you try provoking them? I'm not afraid to make enemies.''

''Okay. I'll get onto it right away!'' The man bowed and left the v

After the call, Leila called the nurse and asked her to come back right away.

The nurse just agreed. Fortunately, she hadn't left the building yet.

''Joan, I need to leave. Please take care of Aunt Melissa. If anything comes up, feel free to call me, '' Leila said politely. She nodded at the nurse before leaving.

The nurse watched Leila leave. When she turned around, she saw that Melissa was sitting up on the bed. Melissa had a look in her eyes that she couldn't understand.

''Are you all right, Mrs. Lu?'' the nurse asked upon seeing the strange look on Melissa's face.

''Please call Charles and tell him to come here right now.'' Melissa just wanted to strangle Leila. 'Who's Ferry? What do they want to do?' she thought to herself.

Melissa was very worried. She needed to see Charles, so she could tell him about this. This was the only way she could relax.

The nurse called Charles and told him what his mother had said. He couldn't help but be worried. So when he had finished with his work, he went straight to the hospital.

''Mom, what's going on?'' Since Charles had nearly lost Melissa before, he decided he was going to pay special attention to her. He couldn't bear that pain again. His family was most important to him, and right now, Melissa was his only family.

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