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   Chapter 1935 Payback

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Upon seeing the unperturbed look on Ferry's face, his men had no choice but to dispose of Black's body.

When Ferry headed upstairs to go back to his bedroom, he lay down on his bed and thought about the woman he loved. 'My love, Sheryl's the only one left standing. Once I'm done with her, I'll have taken my revenge on her. I promise you I'll make her pay!'

Now that he'd checked one person off his list, he was able to fall asleep. However, he still didn't sleep soundly as he didn't know where Sheryl was.

After his men had disposed of Black's body, Ferry came back down and noticed that the entire living room had been cleaned. He then turned to his men with a smile on his face, "Very good. I see you guys are getting more and more efficient now. Any updates on Sheryl's whereabouts?"

"Sorry boss, nothing yet. Don't worry though, we're still looking!" someone bravely spoke up. No one was speaking before he'd decided to break the silence.

"You're all useless! Keep looking until you find her or don't bother to come back!"

"Yes, sir!"

Ferry sat down on his couch as he watched his men file out to search for Sheryl. He then closed his eyes to get some rest.

Meanwhile, an air of frustration and despair filled the Hu's residence.

It had been a day since Rex had sent his men searching for Black but there was still no sign of him.

"Do you already know who killed Holley and what her cause of death was?" Rex knew that Black was trying to find out who killed Holley, so if he could find out who her killer was, then he could also find his son.

"It was Ferry. He killed Holley," answered one of his men that just came through the door. He kept his gaze on the floor, afraid of what Rex might do.

"What did you say?" Rex was shocked. He couldn't believe that it was Ferry who had killed Holley.

Rex frowned upon realizing that Ferry might have something to do with Black being missing.

He immediately instructed his men to follow Ferry to see if they could find anything.

Another day had passed, and there was still no sign of Black. However, the men Rex had sent to follow Ferry had returned.

"Did you find anything?" Rex eagerly asked upon seeing his men return. He just wanted to find his son.

"Sir, nothing seems to be suspicious about Ferry, but..." one of the men spoke up; however, he didn't seem to be able to continue.

"What?" Rex had already guessed that something bad must have happened. He'd known it for quite a while now, but he had kept hoping since they couldn't find anything anyway. However, this tiny ray of hope he'd been holding on to was instantly shattered.

"His me

f retaliation from Rex's side at all.

"Really? Rex is going to let this go? He isn't going to do anything about this?" Ferry pondered out loud as he looked at his men.

His men shook their heads emphatically. "Still nothing, sir. We've been watching him very closely."

"Well, keep looking. Let me know if something seems out of place. I want to know what he's up to." Frankly, Ferry was beginning to enjoy this little game he was having with Rex. If Rex really was going to let this whole thing go, then so could he.

Some days later, Ferry noticed something off. His grey business was falling behind in sales as if someone was deliberately sabotaging him.

All his bars and nightclubs began facing issues left, right, and center. The police's constant presence in his bars and nightclubs drove his clients away. The purpose of his bars and nightclubs were so his clients could relax. With the constant turmoil, his clients had eventually stopped coming.

Within days, Ferry had lost most of his business.

On the fifth day, his bars began to close down.

When his men reported this to him, he looked at them in disbelief.

"What did you say?" Ferry thought he'd heard them wrong, so he asked them to repeat themselves.

"Boss, as of today, all our bars have already been closed down." His men knew how important Ferry's business was to him. When they spoke, they were all quivering and terrified to the core.

"You idiots! What the hell am I paying you for then? How could they all close down? I thought the business was going great?" At this point, Ferry had considered that his men might be playing some joke on him. However, upon seeing the looks on their faces, he concluded that they couldn't possibly joke about something like that.

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