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   Chapter 1934 Black's Death

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"What? Do you think I'm scared of that brat?" Sensing the worry from his subordinate, Ferry jeered as he pushed him away.

"Sir, I'll open the door!" Quickly understanding what his boss was going to do, another man briskly walked to the door and helped Ferry open it.

Worried that Ferry would avoid him, Black, who was standing behind the door, dashed into the room the moment it was open.

He was surprised to see Ferry standing right before of him.

"Ferry!" Gritting his teeth, Black uttered his hateful name, his eyes burning with resentment.

On the other hand, Ferry welcomed him with a wide grin, as if he was being entertained by a clown.

"Black, haven't I told you that this isn't a place that just anyone can enter?" Ferry taunted Black, folding his arms across his chest.

"I don't give a shit! I only have one question for you! Did you murder Holley?" Black had met Ferry once before. And during that time, Black had been humiliated by him. Today, he decided to confront this man again, knowing that it might even cost him his life!

"You mean that useless bitch? Are you feeling sad for her? You're the son of Rex Hu. What kind of woman can't you get? Why insist on being with that bitch?" Ferry asked him, wearing a contemptuous look.

His expression and words were a clear sign of provocation. Black was not about to let it go.

"Why? I'll kill you!" he shouted, rushing towards Ferry to hit him.

However, this was Ferry's place. Of course, his people wouldn't allow Black to get close to their boss.

In the blink of an eye, Black was subdued by Ferry's guards. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't move at all, much less beat Ferry.

"Let me go!" Black roared as he tried his best to break free.

Ferry was amused by his determination. He motioned for his people to release Black.

"Well," Ferry said. "I would like to see how you'll take you revenge!" Sitting back on the couch, Ferry waited for Black's attack.

Black wasted no time. He sprinted towards Ferry, his eyes fuming with r

the order, Ferry's men immediately got excited. They punched Black like there was no tomorrow, with no intention to stop until he was dead.

It had already been half an hour of beating, but Black never begged Ferry to stop.

"Stop!" Ferry didn't expect Black to be so tough. So seeing him withstand half an hour of beating, he decided to call them off.

Ferry's men stopped their actions and stood to one side. Black lay down on the floor, barely breathing. Slowly walking towards Black, Ferry stared at his bloody face and thought, 'How disgusting!'

"Black, is that woman worth it?"

"Yes!" Black raised his head, his eyes still filled with thirst for revenge.

He knew that he might die at any moment. Taking his last chance, he took out his knife again and used all his remaining strength to lunge at Ferry again.

Ferry had anticipated that Black wasn't going to give up so easily. The moment Black reached for his knife, Ferry stabbed him first.

Vomiting a mouthful of blood, Black gradually lost consciousness. "Useless scum!" Ferry spat.

"Sir, what shall we do?" Now that Ferry had killed Black, Ferry's people worried that the Hu Family would find them and take revenge. It would be huge trouble.

"What? Do I have to teach you how to clear up the mess each time?" Annoyed, Ferry shot the man a death stare before he walked off.

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