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   Chapter 1933 Denounce Ferry Publicly For His Crime

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Feeling frustrated, Rex closed his eyes, and an image of Holley entered his mind.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, he knew it had to be Holley. There was no other woman on the planet who could make his son so nervous.

Rex frowned and roared at his subordinate, "Hurry up and follow him! I want to know what he is up to."

"Yes, boss." Rex's subordinate chased Black without raising any questions.

Black didn't care about anything else. Ever since he had seen those pictures, he had gone crazy. Without wasting any time, he was in pursuit of finding Holley. He didn't believe that she was dead.

Thinking of it, Black drove his car like a maniac, not caring about meeting with an accident. And as soon as he reached the destination where Holley had been buried, according to the pictures, he stopped his car. Secretly, he prayed the video, and pictures were fake.

Seeing that Black's car had come to a standstill, Rex's subordinate also parked his car.

"Young Master, please, slow down!" The subordinate watched Black fall onto the ground since he was running. Feeling concerned about Black, he couldn't help but warn. But Black paid him no heed. He didn't care about his life. Unable to stand up, he began to crawl forward.

The subordinate was confused and wondered, 'What exactly happened? What is Young Master looking for? Why is he so distressed?'

"Get off me! Don't follow me!" Black hollered. The subordinate was only trying to support Black to stand up. However, he realized Black wasn't willing to take his help. Moreover, on closer inspection, he noticed Black's eyes had turned red. He couldn't help but shudder at the sight.

This was the first time he had seen Black in such a condition. Now he was hesitant to continue following him, afraid that Black would overreact. But he remembered his master Rex's order, so he felt compelled to do it.

Black now stopped and started looking around. Seeing this, the subordinate instantly walked toward him and caught up with him.

"Young Master, what's wrong?" the subordinate asked nervously, realizing that Black had lost his mind.

"Dig this area right now!" Black looked at the newly covered ground in front of him and spoke with a trembling voice.

The subordinate's gaze scanned the ground that Black was pointing to. However, he couldn't understand why Black was asking him to do this. But, realizing that this was a serious issue for Black, he decided to follow his orders. Without wasting any time, he w

n't you do it?" Rex kicked the subordinate ruthlessly and then sat on the couch in rage.

He had kicked the poor man using all his might; hence, the subordinate fell on the floor.

After some time, Rex glanced at the subordinate. He still had his head lowered and was sitting there. To catch his attention, Rex howled, "What are you doing here? Hurry up and go look for him."

"Yes, boss!"

The subordinate got Rex's order and rushed out to go look for Black.

Since the situation was quite serious, Rex couldn't send just one person to find Black. He decided to send almost all his men to do the job. Although he didn't know how Holley had died, he believed Black knew something about it. Otherwise, he couldn't have found her body.

There was a part of Rex that worried his son would do something crazy. Right now, Black wasn't stable; if he had an opportunity to kill Holley's murderer, he wouldn't think twice.

In Ferry's villa, it was business as usual.

But Black had sent someone to investigate where Ferry lived. After getting the information he was home, Black headed to Ferry's villa.

It was dawn and Black was standing at the gate of Ferry's villa.

Ferry stretched his body after he woke up. Everything was fine until one of his followers came rushing to his room.

"What has happened? Why are you panicking?" Seeing the worry on his follower's face, Ferry questioned lazily.

"Boss, Black from the Hu Family is standing at the gate," the follower replied, his panic growing. After all, they all knew about the relationship between Black and Holley. It appeared that he was here to denounce Ferry publicly for his crime.

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