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   Chapter 1932 Could Not Believe It

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9036

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"Humph, Holley, are you begging me now?" Ferry asked her with a cold smile, leaning back in his chair while waiting for her answer.

"I had no idea that I had been dropped out of the Hu Family now. You're the only person I know who can help me," Holley explained in between sobs.

Upon hearing her confirmation, Ferry couldn't stop laughing.

Holley was worthless to Ferry. Ferry had been very angry these past few days because he couldn't find Sheryl. Now that this woman had come to him on her own initiative, he would vent his anger on her.

"Do you want my help?" Ferry asked with a disdainful expression.

"Yes, I do. Can you help me? If you promise to help me, I will do whatever you want me to do," Holley promised him, knowing that Ferry was the only person who could help her now.

"All right. Come to my villa at once," Ferry ordered, hanging up the phone afterwards.

Holley stared at her phone for a long time, before finally snapping back to reality.

She calmed down and decided to drive to Ferry's villa as instructed.

Meanwhile, at Ferry's villa, a group of men were sitting in the living room while chatting and drinking.

"Hey, buddies," Ferry greeted them upon entering the room. "A woman will come here soon. Make sure you enjoy yourselves."

"Sir, are you serious?" one of newcomers asked, confused. It was very rare to get such orders from Ferry. On the other hand, all his subordinates put on playful smiles upon getting the green light.

"Holley will come here soon. I don't care what you want to do with her. You can even abuse her if you like. Make sure she remembers the experience. Enjoy!" Ferry laughed so hard at the thought of Holley's suffering. After he'd done laughing, he went upstairs with a cold expression on his face.

"Yes, sir!"

his subordinates answered. They were all excited, looking forward to Holley's arrival.

About half an hour later, Holley arrived at Ferry's villa. She got out of her car, unaware of the danger waiting for her. "Okay, here goes nothing," she said as she walked towards the door.

Pressing the doorbell, Holley waited until a man came to open the door. She had seen him before. He was an important subordinate of Ferry's.

"Is Ferry around?" she asked. Looking at that man in front of her, Holley couldn't help but shake with fright.

The man didn't answer her question. Instead, he looked at her from head to foot.

Feeling embarrassed, she didn't realize that something was wrong until the same man pulled her into the house. His grasp was so tight. It was too late for Holley to get rid of him. "Get off me!" she shouted.

"Hey, buddies. I'll make love to her first," the man announced to the

locked himself up at home, not knowing how to face Holley.

All of a sudden, an alert sounded from his phone, advising of an email received. He ignored it.

He was busy thinking about how to deal with the problems between him and Holley. After he came up with an answer, he would find Holley and talk it out. At that time, he would know whether their relationship was worth saving or not.

A few minutes later, Black finally figured it out and picked up his phone. He was about to call Holley. But seeing the subject line of the email, he decided to read it first.

Black trembled as he browsed through the terrible pictures of Holley. He couldn't control himself anymore.

"Do you know it? In fact, Holley didn't want to lie to you. Ferry controlled her and threatened her. He made her do many things that she didn't want to do, and that included lying to you."

The last of the pictures showed Holley had been buried by someone. What sick joke could this be? His hand was trembling as he dialed her number, but no one answered.

"No, no. Holley wouldn't leave me." Black couldn't believe it.

He went back to read the rest of the email carefully, discovering many of Holley's secrets along the way.

Black gave an anguished cry as he finished reading. Tears started welling up in his eyes and now streamed down his cheeks. He couldn't stop shaking his head.

"Black, can I come in?" Rex called from outside. He knew that Black had stayed in the room for a few days. Knowing how depressed he had been lately, he came here and wanted to give his son some advice.

Not waiting for Black's response, Rex opened the door and entered the room, only to see Black rushing out.

"Black..." He didn't seem to hear him. Rex didn't know what had happened. He was very worried about Black.

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