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   Chapter 1931 Help Me.

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Holley walked out of Tarsan Corporation in low spirits. She had nowhere to go now. She had lost the company and her job. Moreover, there were rumors about her spreading online. She had nothing left. Therefore, she felt so heavy of heart that it was difficult for her to even stand straight. It was the first time in her life that she felt there was no respite for her, nowhere for her to go and hide. She was reduced to zero, and she could do nothing about it.

At this dark hour, the only one person that Holley could think of was Black. She had no other option than to go back to Black. He was the only person she could rely on.

Holley took out her phone and dialed Black's number with trembling hands. The phone rang and rang…and, finally, got disconnected. Black did not answer the call.

Holley wiped the tears rolling down her cheeks and decided to drive to the Hu Family's house. However, after she arrived at the gate, she gazed at the closed gate and halted there. She didn't dare to go in. She waited outside for a long time and didn't see Black come out. Holley heaved a deep sigh and turned around to head back towards her home.

In the hospital

After showing off at the company, Leila headed towards the hospital. She remembered that the nurse had mentioned her early leave for the day. Hence, Leila had to fill in for her. After the office, now it was her job to put up yet another act of pretense at the hospital in front of Melissa.

"Ms. Zhang, you have come!" The nurse turned around and saw Leila as the latter walked in. In an instance, the tensed look on the nurse's face changed to a relaxed one.

"Hmm, yes, nurse. You can leave now. I will keep Aunt Melissa company in the afternoon," Leila said to the nurse with a smile and then took her seat by the side of Melissa's bed.

"Okay. Ms. Zhang, thanks very much. I am going." The nurse glanced at Melissa in the bed and replied to Leila before leaving.

After the nurse left, the smile on Leila's face disappeared slowly, and her gaze hardened on Melissa's face. She loosened her hand, which had been holding Melissa's before and shook her hand off as if Melissa was a speck of dust. Then Leila came closer to her and sneered in a hushed voice, "Melissa, you know what? Charles is so nice to me now. I sent someone to kill Sheryl, and they have reportedly finished the job. Sheryl is dead now! And now, no one can stop me from becoming the Lady of Dream Garden soon. You'd better not wake up. Otherwise, I don't know how I should treat you!"

After saying that, Leila couldn't help but burst out into victorious laughter.

During the afternoon, if there was somebody else a

dream came true for Leila. She basked in the much-cherished camaraderie and just kept praying in her heart for this moment to become eternal for her. As Charles went on speaking, Leila could not bring herself to listen to what he was talking about. Rather, she just indulged in self-delusion.

After dinner, Charles insisted on taking a walk with Leila, which was literally like the cherry on the pie.

Leila could not believe that it was all happening to her. Charles was there with her, spending time with her, talking to her and now, even wanting to go on a walk with her!

"All right. If you want, I can make it." Leila giggled and held Charles' arm.

In fact, Leila just wanted to have a try. If she had overreacted in this way in the past, Charles would have rolled his eyes at her, but it was beyond her expectation that he didn't refuse and instead lowered his head and glanced at her with a smile. Then he led her to the car.

After they returned to Dream Garden, Charles went to work in the study room, and Leila went back to her room.

Everything that happened that night was like a dream to her. She still couldn't believe it, even now.

In Holley's residence

She couldn't sleep well at night. After she had turned over and over in her bed, her eyelids finally came together at the breaking of the dawn.

But Holley slept for only a short span and woke up early.

She knew that she couldn't go on like this and that she had to do something to help herself.

After pondering, Holley could only think of Ferry.

She took a deep breath and dialed Ferry's number.

Seeing Holley's name flashing on the phone screen, Ferry sneered as he lazily picked up the phone.

Before Ferry could say anything, Holley blurted, "Can you help me, please?"

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