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   Chapter 1930 What Do You Want To Do

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"Boss, what do you really want to do?" Wearing his worried expression, David finally blurted out the question he had been trying to suppress all this time.

Hearing David's question, Charles glared at him without responding.

Finally, seeing Charles' cold expression, David ultimately realized that he was wrong. Taking a deep breath, he lowered his head and said, "I'm sorry, boss. I am too imprudent."

"You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs. Do you understand?" Looking at David, Charles answered with a smile.

David thought for a while and then nodded. It seemed that he now understood why Charles did it.

Over the past few days, Charles had been very cold towards Leila, asking many people to watch her secretly. Therefore, Leila didn't finish her own plan. Now, the wind seemed to have changed. Charles was very kind to Leila. As a result, she would be proud and let down her guard. Therefore, she would leak more details.

"Now that you understand, go back to your work," Charles added, seeing that David stood there blankly.

"Yes, boss! I will go to work at once," he answered and bowed low before turning and reaching for the door. Stepping out of Charles' office, David couldn't hide his embarrassed expression.

On the other hand, the moment Leila saw David closing the door behind him, she immediately approached him. Wearing a proud smile, she asked, "David, do you feel happy for me?"

"What? I don't understand." David was confused. Seeing Leila's reaction, it seemed like Charles had already proposed marriage to her. The lady clearly felt she was sitting on top of the world.

"Charles is so kind to me today. We came to work together. Later, I will go to the hospital to look after Aunt Melissa. Charles will pick me up to have dinner together. Isn't that so sweet?" Wanting to show off, Leila proudly discussed how her day had been and the rest of today's plans with Charles. She couldn't help but smile, just thinking about how everything seemed to have fallen into place.

However, David didn't seem impressed as all. Looking at Leila, he commented in a cold tone, "Leila, it is just the beginning. Don't you think it is too early to celebrate now?"

Leila frowned a little upon hearing David's comment but immediately put her smile back on. She didn't c

ork," Holley pointed to them and said, because that was what a general manager would do.

"Holley, don't you know? You are no longer the general manager." Holley's secretary couldn't help laughing at her, seeing Holley was still acting so proud.

"What do you mean? You dare talk to me like that. I will dismiss you soon." Holley felt uncomfortable, seeing her secretary's disdainful expression.

"Humph, it looks like you don't know about it. Since you are no longer the general manager, you won't be able to dismiss me. Rex is now the general manager of the Tarsan Corporation," the secretary explained to her, sounding indifferent.

If it wasn't for their past relationship, she would've just kicked Holley out.

"What? Is it true?" Holley asked again, not wanting to believe what she just heard.

Black didn't love her anymore. The company was the last ace up her sleeve. She didn't expect that Rex was so cold-hearted.

"It is true. Do you understand? The shareholders have announced that you have been dismissed. Holley, if you don't have anything else to say, please leave before someone calls security." After she stopped talking, every employee urged Holley to leave. She could hear some whispering something to each other, but she couldn't care less.

Holley felt embarrassed, seeing these people's expressions as they stared at her. They were judging her. She lowered her head and stared at the floor blankly for a while.

Now that Rex had dismissed her from her post, she would not have a chance to come back.

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