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   Chapter 1929 Leila’s Smirk

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"Charles, it's all my fault. Forgive me for not recognizing Leila's evil plot. I am so stupid! Charles, please give me your word that you will get back to Sheryl. Bring her back and stay with her forever, for she is the best companion you could ever have." Melissa cast a remorseful glance at Charles. She felt guilty and was so extremely regretful that she couldn't hold back the tears. Suddenly, a stream of tears rolled down her cheeks. She felt that just by at least confessing to Charles, a severe weight of self-disgust had been lifted off her chest.

Charles' heart ached at the sight of his mother's crying. At once, he patted Melissa on the back and comforted her, saying, "Mom, you are just one victim among many. I don't blame you at all! Leila is blameworthy. She had it all thoroughly planned, and I even almost fell into her trap. That's the kind of a felon that she is! So I understand your circumstances and forgive you." "And, Mom, you don't have to worry about anything at all. I will put everything back on track! Leila will suffer equally for her deeds. Trust me, the worst of fates is awaiting her." Charles sounded determined to take revenge on Leila.

"My dear son! My heart is relieved to hear this. I know you will bring her down and teach her a lesson for her lies." Melissa smiled, though her eyes were still filled with tears of lament.

Charles gazed at Melissa and softly wiped the tears from her eyes. "Stop crying, Mom!" They both exchanged a soothing smile with each other. In a moment, Charles felt blessed to reconcile with his mother.

Melissa sighed in relief, yet her heart was drowning deep in sorrow. "Charles, I am extremely sorry! I realize that I owe Sheryl way too much. Once she comes back, I will express my sincerest apologies to her!"

"Mom, calm down! I am totally sure Sheryl will understand the odd circumstances."

Charles couldn't help simpering, and he looked pleased with himself. Each word that Melissa gave Charles lent him the strength to battle on against Leila. Charles felt a surge of energy in his body. He was more eager than ever to bring Sheryl back now. He mused with a wide smile on the lips, saying, "Behold, Sheryl! Now that Mom has realized her mistakes and offered to apologize, there is not even a thing in this universe that can hinder our happiness now and ever after! I promise you that, honey!"

"Where is Sheryl, Charles? Is she safe right now?" Melissa interrogated.

After listening to the whole tale of how Leila caused such a nuisance in their lives, Melissa developed a hostile grudge against her. She trembled with disgust at the thought of how well she used to get along with that sinister woman, and she was filled with self-loathing.

"Rest assured! I have planned out everything to fix this crap. As soon as I even the score with Leila, I will fetch Sheryl and the kids!" Charles responded with a resolute smile.

Melissa's mind eased, as she received Charles' firm reply.

"Mom, I need you to do me a favor; you need to stay in bed for a while longer. To not raise Leila's suspicions, you have to pretend to be unconscious. Now she is falling into my trap! I have to play my part to make her believe everything. Once everything gets settled, we all will be back home living a peaceful life." There was only one more step to go, and Charles couldn't afford to risk it at any cost. Or else, all that he and David had fought so hard to achieve would be plundered, and each effort would end up being in vain.

"Okay, Charles. I will abide by your words and do whatever you instruct me to do!" Melissa nodded her head in assent.

Then Melissa lay back down on her bed again. To not evoke any suspicion from anyone, Charles and Melissa acted warily.

They even kept a vigilant eye on the medical staff at the hospital, in case Leila had her men among them to spy on Melissa.

David dozed off in the car while waiting for his boss for so long.

When Charles knocked on the car window from outside, David woke up promptly. After Charles got inside, David couldn't wait to investigate, "Mr. Lu, how's your mother now? Is she okay?"

"My mother is absolutely fine now. I told her to pretend to be unconscious still, so we can proceed with our plan. And, what's the progress regarding Leila and Ferry, David?" Charles felt a sudden rush of blood to the head. He was desperate as hell to


Soon after, the car pulled up in front of the Shinning Company. This time, Charles became considerate. He didn't go straight through the gate alone, leaving Leila behind like usual. Rather, the first thing he chose to do after getting out of the car, was to open the car door for Leila and then, gently helped Leila by holding her hand as she got out. As soon as the Charles' hand touched Leila's, she felt chills run down her spine. She couldn't get the hang of her emotions, for this was the first time that Charles acted like a true gentleman in front of her.

The bodyguard and other staff, who were arriving at the company at the time, instantly noticed this scene at the door. The hot news quickly circulated to everyone in the company like wildfire. People started to talk and gossip about what was going on between Charles and Leila. After all, they knew their CEO was always cold-hearted towards his secretary, but today things did not seem the same; they observed the delighted smirk on her face.

The office was echoing with the chatting about the intimate relationship between Charles and Leila. .

"Guys, the smile on Mr. Lu's face is so mysterious! I couldn't help but wonder if Leila is expecting his baby..." a staff member whispered to his colleague.

The listener nodded and responded, "I admit! After all, Charles and Sheryl have been divorced for so long now. Leila has been staying by Mr. Lu's side. It would be rather strange if nothing had happened between them!"


Soon, the gossip wafted to David's ears, as the whole of the staff was indulging in gossip.

However, David decided not to pay any heed to the murmurs, as he knew what the actual case really was.

Still, once the rumor went too far and became too absurd, he felt obliged to manage it. When he caught some staff discussing Charles' alleged affair, he decided not to turn a blind eye toward it; instead, he faked a cough to indicate for them to stop.

Leila walked one step behind Charles, as they went together toward the office. All the way, she felt her heart pounding so fast as if it would come out of her body anytime. Yet, she couldn't stop her wild thoughts taking control of her sentiments. She was finally sure that Charles had accepted her love. She felt all the efforts she had made in the past were paying off now. Thinking of that, she couldn't help but curve her lips into a smile.

As Charles settled into his seat to work, David entered Charles' office to give his boss the daily report. He noticed the smirk on Leila's face but snubbed it. He looked away at once, after glancing at Leila. David's attitude toward her was still precisely the same.

Despite this, Leila was not at all enraged at David this time.

She gazed at David's back and mocked in her heart, 'David, don't be so arrogant! Once I become Mrs. CEO, you will bow to me as humbly as you just did to Charles today!'

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