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   Chapter 1928 Time for Regrets

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"Nancy, do you know where Charles is going? It's already late," Leila asked, bumping into the sleepy Nancy when she went back to check the living room.

"Ms. Zhang, I am a servant. How am I supposed to know where Mr. Lu is heading to?" Nancy answered. She had just gotten up, as she felt thirsty a while earlier. Feeling confused, she scratched her head while staring at Leila with a blank expression. It was really late, and since she had no intention of helping Leila find Charles, she decided to just go back to her room.

After Nancy's retort, Leila felt pissed. Stomping her feet, she could feel her face getting red in anger. She went to find the driver but ended up finding out that David had picked Charles up, so the driver had no idea where the boss was going.

"Mr. Lu, I was surprised to get a phone call from you at this hour. Where are we going? Is there something wrong?" David asked as soon as they reached the main road. He thought it was an emergency since Charles had rang him this late.

"We are going to the hospital. I think my mother might have woken up," Charles answered briefly. Looking out the car window nervously, he gave a deep sigh. It might be his first time to feel so nervous.

Hearing that, David sped up involuntarily. The sooner they got there, the better. In no time, they reached the hospital. David pulled to a stop, and Charles got out even before he could say another word.

As soon as Charles arrived, he saw the nurse staring at her mobile phone, which was ringing in a low volume happy tune.

She was about to answer it but seeing that Charles was approaching in a hurry, she felt suddenly confused. Seeing that the nurse seemed hesitant in accepting the call, Charles asked coldly, "Who is it?"

"It's...It's Ms. Zhang."

"Remember, don't tell her anything." Looking ferocious, Charles ordered the nurse.

Frightened by Charles' reaction, the nurse nodded immediately. She took a deep breath before answering the call.

"Ms. Zhang!"

"You called me just now. What's wrong? How's Aunt Melissa doing?" Apparently, Leila had accidentally put her mobile phone on mute mode, so she had missed the nurse's call earlier. As soon as she saw the missed call, Leila decided to call her back.

"Oh, it's nothing. I just wanted to ask if you would be coming by tomorrow. I am planning to go back home if you are coming," the nurse explained, finding an excuse to stall Leila.

"I will come. If you have something to do, just go," Leila replied impatiently, hanging up before the nurse could say more.

Charles was standing beside the n

tried her best to tell him everything that had happened that day, but whenever she spoke, all her anger and regret rushed back. She was unable to hold back her feelings, and tears continued to fall from her eyes.

Hearing his mother's story, Charles also couldn't help but tremble in anger. He clenched his fists, and the bones in his fingers could be seen clearly.

"How is Sheryl doing now?"

"Mother, I have divorced Sher."

"Ah, I can see now that Leila had all of us played according to her plan. When we were in prison, she got close to me intentionally, knowing of my relationship with you. She framed Sheryl." Melissa couldn't help but sigh when she mentioned her name. "Sheryl is a good girl. Don't make her sad..." Melissa believed that if it wasn't for her, Sheryl would have lived happily with Charles earlier. She felt really guilty that she had been an instrument in ruining the couple's relationship.

Trying hard to pull up a smile, Charles wiped the tears from Melissa's cheeks before saying, "Mother, don't worry. I will deal with everything. I have arranged everything for Sher."

"How about Leila? You shouldn't show any mercy to that woman." Melissa instructed. If she was to decide, she would like Leila killed right now. Even her death wouldn't suffice for all the trouble she had caused her family.

"Be at ease. I won't let her go without paying her dues," Charles swore to Melissa, indicating that he would never spare Leila's life.

In fact, before Melissa had even told Charles everything, he had already sent David to investigate what had happened during that day. Hearing Melissa's confessions now, had just confirmed that all the information they got from the investigation was true.

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