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   Chapter 1927 Mysterious Charles

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They arrived at a nearby restaurant shortly after. Charles kept silent all the way there. It was apparent that he was not in the least bit interested to go out for dinner. On the contrary, Leila was on top of the world, and she kept speaking throughout the journey to the restaurant.

Leila resembled a chatterbox who kept babbling despite Charles not having even paid heed to a single word of her stories.

"Charles, what do you want to eat? Are you up for seafood?" Leila gazed at Charles and, suddenly, her cheeks flushed with blood. She blushed, realizing how she was so desperately ready to do anything that Charles wanted her to.

"I am fine with anything. It's up to you." All of a sudden, Charles felt his heart skipping a beat, and he became impatient.

Charles' sub-conscious reminded him that Sheryl liked seafood the most. But realizing he could no longer have dinner with Sheryl ever again because of Leila saddened him. As soon as he dove deep into the ocean of emotions, Charles took control of himself again, as he couldn't be angry with Leila right now.

"Well, I will place our order then." Leila stared at Charles with a flustered expression. She could read his eyes and sensed what was going in his mind. It obviously was Sheryl!

Charles remained silent after that.

During the dinner, Charles ate without uttering a single word. While Leila could not conceal her happiness at all.

"Charles, the meal is scrumptious. I love seafood! Why aren't you eating more?" Leila spoke while passing Charles some food as if she was Charles' beloved.

Although Charles seemed agitated and sorrowful, she still kept passing him food. It appeared that Leila couldn't comprehend Charles' expression.

"Please, stop it, Leila. I can help myself." Charles reacted in frustration.

Since Charles had found out that Ferry had threatened Sheryl, he had been very annoyed and worried. Nevertheless, he could not ask David to kill Leila because only Leila could tell him what Ferry was up to. Charles couldn't care less about dinner, for all he wanted was to confront Leila about Ferry's evil plan.

Charles did not even eat a bite of food that Leila gave him and passed it back onto her plate instead. Throughout the evening, Charles communicated in a cold tone with Leila.

"Charles, why do you have such an intense hatred for me in your heart? I am fighting an uphill battle with my utmost efforts to get along with you. Tell me, how can I please you?" Leila said with teary eyes. She could no longer bear Charles' rash attitude. She glanced at him, trying to portray herself as th

some emergency.

"What happened?"

"Mr. Lu, Mrs. Shen's hand showed movement just now. The doctor has said that she could wake up anytime soon."

"Are you freaking serious?" Charles responded in disbelief. Charles had some doubts about the news because Melissa had been unconscious for a long time. He could not believe what he just heard. Finally, Melissa would wake up.

"Yes, Mr. Lu. The doctor is doing her check-up at the moment. You need to come here as soon as possible."

"Alright! I will come there in a short while. Please, don't tell anyone else about this." As Charles was about to hang up the call, the nurse intruded all of a sudden, saying, "Well, can I tell it to Miss. Zhang?" The nurse had believed that Leila was Charles' girlfriend. She could not figure out why Charles wanted to hide Melissa's condition from her too.

"I am repeating, please remember not to tell anyone else, notably Miss. Zhang!"

Though Charles didn't know what exactly had happened on that day. Yet, his intuition made him believe that Leila had something to do with it, which he must figure out.

"Well, as you say, Mr. Lu." Though the nurse was bewildered, she still made a promise to not tell anyone else.

Charles hung up the call immediately and dialed David's number hurriedly. Wasting no time, Charles asked him to pick him up from the residence promptly.

Leila peeped from her window and saw Charles going out at midnight. She knew that something serious had happened for Charles would have never left home at this hour. She wanted to go with him. But unfortunately, she could not catch up with Charles' pace.

Leila was very curious and agitated. She wanted to know why exactly Charles went out so mysteriously.

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