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   Chapter 1926 Being Indifferent

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When Leila came back down to earth, David was leaving. There was nothing she could do to stop him, and she glared at him as he left.

"Damn it! Let me even the score with Sheryl, and you will be next." Leila stomped her foot out of rage, but she had no choice left other than letting David go.

Leila kept pushing Ferry, and she inquired about what was happening over the following days. At first, he gave her his firm and solemn promises, but later he had become merely offhand with her. She sensed that something was, indeed, fishy. This time, when Leila called Ferry, she issued an ultimatum that he spill the beans.

"Mr. Fang, I believe you are competent enough to make Sheryl meet her maker right away. She should have been dead as a door-nail by now. Seriously, are you trying to make a fool out of me?" Leila spoke to Ferry impatiently.

Ferry chuckled coldly and responded disdainfully, "Leila Zhang, who the hell do you think you are?"

"You...What did you say...." Suddenly, Leila stopped and realized she had put a foot in her mouth. She was clearly nothing in comparison with Ferry. In fact, this was the reason Leila had come to beg him for help in the first place.

"Leila, I am warning you for the last time. If you ever dare to talk to me like that again, I will ensure that you bite the dust before Sheryl," Ferry said in a rather casual tone, but his every word pierced through Leila's heart, scaring her to death.

"Mr. Fang, are you really that conservative?" Leila dared to reply, yet, her heart pounded ferociously from terror.

"Cut the crap! I have handled her. You'd better fulfill your promise as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will let Charles know that it is you who had Sheryl killed!" Ferry interrupted Leila, impatiently.

As soon as Leila heard that Sheryl had been handled, she let out a sigh of relief. The news was enough to banish her fear; she was on cloud nine now.

"Really? It is true?" Leila responded with a smirk on her face. Although Leila knew well about Ferry's aptitude, still she struggled to believe the news. It was just that she had now accomplished a deep-down desire of her heart today. Leila was not doubting Ferry's capability to kill Sheryl, but she could not process that her dream had finally come true after an endless struggle.

"Of course! Why would I even lie to a woman like you? Just be mindful of what you have promised me." Ferry hung up the phone immediately.

Leila stared at her cell phone blankly for a brief minute. Then she danced around the room and laughed loudly, overjoyed. Leila was in her seventh heaven and daydreamed that there was nothing in the world tha

self from worrying about Sher the whole time.

Phoebe's words succeeded in comforting Isla. She thought it made sense and then sat in the chair, sighing. "Right, she will be fine. Sheryl is definitely not going through something critical."

"Hmm, yes. Ms. Zhao, stop fretting about it now. We have a project to cater for. Would you like to go with me to check, please?" Phoebe had to figure out a solution to prevent Isla from thinking about Sher too much. And this seemed the right resolution, keeping Isla preoccupied with work.

"Okay. I'll go with you. Otherwise, I won't stop thinking about Sheryl for a minute," Isla responded while she grabbed her bag from the table and went out with Phoebe.

In Shining Company

Charles was examining the files all the time and didn't see that it was time to knock off work. If Leila's knock on the door had not distracted him, Charles would have continued with his work.

"Mr. Lu, it's time to knock off. Let's go home," Leila said while opening the door and entering Charles' office. Leila was getting more and more courageous by now. After all, in her conscious mind, everything that was a threat to their companionship had ended. She understood if Charles knew that Sheryl was dead, he would be heartbroken.

Charles glanced at Leila and then checked his watch before replying expressionlessly, "Okay. Go and wait for me outside. Let me wrap up the work."

Leila obediently went outside. In no time, Charles walked out of his office.

"Let's go."

"Okay. How about we go out for dinner before returning home?" Leila suggested cautiously.


From the beginning to the end, there was not even a dash of emotion on Charles' face. It was apparent that he was totally indifferent to Leila's offer.

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