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   Chapter 1925 I've Had Enough

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Ferry, unable to control himself, finally made the phone call. Leila answered it immediately.

"Are you kidding me, Leila?" Ferry yelled over the phone, exasperated at how Leila had behaved.

"Don't shout at me! You've terrorized me," Leila retorted. She put a hand on her chest before she continued, "Don't be like that, Ferry."

"Do you take me for a fool? I have been actively competing against Charles for countless engineering projects, and I've always lost. Please, don't tell me that you had a hand in all of this," Ferry said through gritted teeth. He was trying his best to control his anger.

If it was up to him, he would have beaten Leila up. However, he acknowledged that she was still of some use to him, at least temporarily.

"I'm also worried to death. They've been taking strict measures these past few months. I'll get you what you want, but not any time soon. You can't rush things like this, you know," Leila explained urgently. She feared that Ferry might stop working with her because of her repeated failure to deliver. If that happened, she would lose more than she would gain.

"Okay, then. You get one more chance!

But you should also be aware that I have many other things to worry about, and that I'm not going to stress myself out trying to help you!"

Leila knew there must have been a reason for Charles' lukewarm behavior recently. Although she didn't know what this exact reason was, she suspected that it must have had something to do with Sheryl.

Although Sheryl and Charles had already gotten divorced, Leila couldn't shake the feeling that Sheryl would remain a menace as long as she was alive.

"Keep talking," Ferry spoke gently all of a sudden. He was aware that Leila wanted him to do her a favor. Ferry didn't really like her, but he had to admit that her endless patience was admirable.

"Finish Sheryl off for me, and I'll do everything in my power to ruin Charles for you!" Leila declared, as her eyes grew bright with a killing intent. She hated Sheryl with a passion, and she wasn't going to sit around and do nothing about it.

"It's a deal!"

Ferry agreed. He thought the time had come for him to make his move.

Hearing Ferry's words, Leila sighed with relief.

Having nothing else to do that afternoon, Leila decided to visit Melissa in the hospital.

Upon her arrival, she spotted Charles at the entrance, walking toward her. He had arrived just moments after she had.

"Charles, you're here!" Leila chirped and flashed Charles a wide grin.

"Yeah, what are you doing here?" Charles asked coldly. Then they walked the length of the corridor together. When they reached Melissa's ward

move. Fortunately, Charles had planned meticulously to ensure Sheryl and the kids' safety. Otherwise, there would have been hell to pay.

"On your orders, I have already sent out men to hide Ms. Xia and the children from Ferry's hit-man. At the same time, I've already sent someone to keep tabs on Ferry and Leila. These past few days, Leila has been in contact with Ferry several times. I assume Ferry's most recent move has something to do with Leila," David relayed to Charles. He had already known that sooner or later, Leila would make a move, but he had never imagined that it would be something so ruthless.

"I've got it. You can go now. I want to be alone," Charles said softly. He glanced at David before again staring off into space.

Upon seeing Charles' solemn face, David opened his mouth to say something but then decided against it. He nodded and hurried out of the room instead.

Leila had seen David storm into the office and then leave looking downcast. Plagued by her conscience, she grew so nervous that she couldn't stop herself from standing in David's way.

It was not the first time that Leila had deliberately stopped David in his tracks. David had been the bigger person and had let this pass for the longest time, but now, he had had enough.

"Leila, I warn you not to get in my way ever again. As a man, I was raised not to hurt a woman, but you've gone too far, and I've had enough. The next time you pull this stunt, you'll regret it!" David swore as he pointed a finger at Leila.

Leila was taken aback. It was her first time to see David lose his temper, and she could not believe what she had just seen.

While Leila stared at him with her mouth agape, David continued on his way. Without another word, he returned to his office.

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