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   Chapter 1924 Pay Me After Every Deal You Strike.

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6999

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As Rex slowly climbed the stairs all by himself, Black felt a tug at his heart-string. He had thought that his father would never be old. But now, as Black watched his father staggering on his feet, the little boy in him, who was so used to bask in his father's glory, felt a bit petrified.

The very next thought he had on his mind was of Holley. At this time, Black just hoped that Holley wouldn't live up to his negative expectations again and would behave well.

Black never had a dearth of lovers. And he had never expected that he would become so crazy, to the extent of being obsessed with a woman, that he would rather sacrifice himself for her, even though she didn't love him.

In Shining Company

Leila had been in a bad mood since she came back after meeting Isla. However, Isla was just one of the reasons behind her being in a bad mood. The main reason, however, was Charles.

Of late, Charles had become more indifferent to her. To everyone's eyes, Leila accompanied Charles just like his shadow in and out of the office. However, only Leila could feel how Charles was treating her with ignorance. When they went back to the Dream Garden, Charles didn't say a word to her. Even when visiting Melissa, he seldom went along with her.

Leila knew that Charles wanted to keep a distance from her, so she couldn't even voice her complaint.

"Leila?" Wade asked. She had been standing next to Leila for a while. After she finished all her questions, Leila still didn't answer.

"What? You scared me!" Leila was shocked by Wade's unwarranted intrusion.

The shocked expression on Leila's face made Wade feel guilty, and she trembled.

"What do you mean by this interruption? You thought that you had made a fool of me, didn't you?" Evidently, Leila had not been in a good mood. Now, she got angrier because of Wade's reaction.

"Not really. I just saw you were lost in your own thoughts, so I merely reminded you." Wade stared at Leila, with her eyes wide open.

When Leila saw Wade's expression, she pointed her finger at Wade and shouted out, "What is it? Just say i

call him anymore.

"You play cards here," Ferry said to his subordinate, and he took the phone from his hands.

After a moment of silence, Leila heard Ferry's voice.

"Mr. Fang, do you want to cooperate again. I have some large projects this time."

"What made you think of me at this time?" Ferry sneered at Leila.

Leila didn't like Ferry's words, but he was the only one that she could ask for help.

"Don't go around mincing words, Mr. Fang. Do you want to cooperate with me? I can give you some secret files from the Shining Company. Then you can get some more projects. What do you say?" Leila said in a confident tone. That was the only way she knew of to convince Ferry to support her.

"Deal! But what do you want?" Ferry knew that Leila wouldn't provide all this to him freely. She must need his help with something.

"Of course! Every time you are successful in making a deal, you would pay me a fee."

"Okay, no problem."

Leila had made up her mind to destroy the Shining Company. And if so, even if she didn't stay with Charles, she would get a large sum of money from Ferry. Anyway, she wouldn't lose everything in the end.

As the old saying went, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

After she put down her phone, Leila knew what she should do now. Every day, she wanted to get the secret files, but she always failed to do it. She felt it was wired.

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