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   Chapter 1923 Show The White Feather

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Holley had thought that Rex would waste no time and kill her instantly. However, when she raised her head, she saw a row of torture devices right in front of her. Nearly ten kinds were laid out before her eyes.

Immediately, Holley's knees buckled. The horror she felt made her drop to the floor.

"What's the matter? It's so difficult to choose just one, right?" Rex ambled toward Holley.

Holley, feeling weak, turned to glance at him.

Rex gestured at the devices and indifferently said, "Care for a recommendation? Just choose to be torn limb from limb."

Without waiting for a response, Rex continued, "You know what, Holley? I can tear you to pieces, but it still wouldn't rid me of my hatred for you." After speaking, Rex commanded one of his men to push Holley toward one of the devices.

Rex had stopped talking nonsense. Instead, his words showed extreme clarity of mind. When Holley noticed this, she felt intense fear and was about to lose her mind. She struggled with all her strength to maintain her sanity, but she couldn't win against Rex.

In the blink of an eye, Holley was inches away from the instrument.

"No! No!


Suddenly, Holley lost consciousness.

Rex walked over to her and kicked her several times. There was no response. It seemed that Holley had slipped into unconsciousness out of fear. Rex, disappointed, waved his hand, signaling his subordinate to tie Holley up instead.

After leaving Holley's place, Black didn't go straight home.

Instead, he wandered outside, confused. Why couldn't he satisfy that woman no matter how well he treated her?

Black's thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. It was from one of the Hu Family's servants.

This servant had been working for Black's family since he was a child. As such, she knew how much Black truly loved Holley. She had witnessed Rex sending someone to capture Holley and quickly realized that something was wrong.

"Young Master, I thought you should know. Miss Ye was tied up and brought back home by His Lordship."

"What?" Black hadn't intended to answer calls from anyone. However, when he saw that it was this servant calling, he had picked u

fe now.

"Let her go!"

With a wave of a hand, Rex instructed his subordinate to untie Holley.

"I'm letting her go, but you know what this means. You can never see this woman again. Otherwise, she will die," Rex warned, his voice devoid of emotion.

Black glanced at Holley and then looked back at Rex. He nodded his agreement.

"Get this evil woman out of my sight. Remember, I don't want to see her again. Mark my words. I don't want to see her anywhere!" Rex clenched his fists, making the blue veins on the back of his hands swell up. If it weren't for his need to protect his son, he wouldn't have released Holley that easily.

"Yes, boss."

Black looked at his father's men carrying Holley away. He felt a wave of relief come over him. He told himself, "This is our last time together, Holley Ye. We'll never see each other again."

After carrying Holley away, Rex's men felt that leaving was the only sensible choice. In the end, only Black and Rex remained in the house.

"Father, I'll help you walk upstairs, so you can get some rest." Black didn't want to see Rex like this, so instead, he showed the white feather.

"Enough. Stop pretending. Why are you being so nice to me if not for that woman's sake? You need to remember one thing. Never see this woman again. The moment I find out that you meet, even once, I will kill her." As soon as he had spoken, Rex pushed Black's hands away and went upstairs by himself.

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