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   Chapter 1922 Forgive Me

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"No, why?" Cassie hustled and settled back in the passenger seat. She grabbed her purse and rested it on her lap in an attempt to find her cellphone. It seemed like a never-ending task to find it, as it was always hidden underneath the piles of stuff inside her purse.

As soon as she got her hands on the phone, and without even struggling for a second, Cassie found Holley's headlines trending on social media.

Cassie was awe-struck, and her eyes were clearly wide open. Her jaw had literally dropped open. She inquired with a skeptical tone, "Isla, did you do this?"

"No, it's Charles." Even though Isla had not done any investigation to determine the truth, she was damn sure that Charles was behind this.

Someone had clearly dished up the dirt on Holley. The news about Holley's fake pregnancy and fake miscarriage was the talk of the town at the moment. Holley was totally doomed as even her picture before her plastic surgery was spreading like wildfire on social media. The scandalous news and rumors concerning her dating another man was the most talked-about controversy anywhere.

Yet, in hindsight, Holley was not the only one to be affected by this controversy. As soon as the news broke out, the Tarsan Corporation also lost a few projects. Even the Hu Group began to embark on the journey of humiliation.

Cassie covered her mouth in astonishment. It all seemed so surreal and unbelievable. She was amazed and shocked all at once and realized that Charles had managed to dig out so much about Holley's past.

"It seems that Charles still cares about Sher. Otherwise, why would he have bothered to ruin Holley's reputation this way?" Isla could not resist for even a second to compliment Charles, realizing how much agony the news must have caused Holley.

In the very next moment, Isla was struck by sudden reality. She turned her head and asked Cassie in confusion, "But, why would Charles have divorced Sher if he still cares about her? I remembered how reluctant he was when Sheryl proposed a divorce. Did something happen that we are not aware of?"

Cassie was lost in deep thoughts as she contemplated on the words she just heard.

Finally, after figuring out what to say, Cassie replied to Isla, "We don't really know about that. I guess we are just left with the option to merely wait and see what happens next. I heard from Nick that something was going on in the Shining Company. I believe we'll find out what exactly happened, once President Lu settles everything down."

Although not even a single thing

eye, they arrived at the Hu mansion.

One of the subordinates brought Holley to the living room. Rex was sitting on the sofa, and when he saw Holley coming in, he glared at her.

Holley could feel the intense hatred in Rex's gaze, and she could sense that he wanted to kill her at that very moment.

She was numb with dread and dared not to move an inch from her place.

"Bend down on your knees!" Rex shouted at Holley.

The piercing voice cut through her last thoughts and lanced into Holley's ear, leaving her dumbfounded. For a brief second, she lost her senses and struggled to bend down quickly. She lowered her head and dared not look into his eyes, for she could sense her death was roaming around there.

"Holley, I gave you so many chances. It's enough now. You failed to treasure them at all. But today, I'm giving you the last chance. Tell me, how would you like to die?" Rex said to Holley as he glanced at his subordinate.

The subordinate comprehended the signal and moved forward to place a knife under Holley's neck.

Holley was trembling with fear. She could not gather the courage to look at Rex. Nevertheless, with a knife under her neck, she started to crawl away from it as far as possible. Suddenly, she rushed to Rex and grabbed his sleeves, pleading for mercy, "Please, Mr. Hu. Forgive me. I'm so sorry. I really am!"

Holley knew Rex would not spare her for any price this time. All she was left with was to beg him for her life. Otherwise, she might not be alive to witness the sunrise tomorrow.

"I see. You don't think this knife is too much, right?" Rex shot a cold glance at Holley. He smiled coldly and indicated his subordinate to draw her aside.

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