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   Chapter 1918 You're Shameless

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At three o'clock in the afternoon, in the South Corporation project meeting room

Holley was the leader of Tarsan Corporation. She and the other members of her company arrived at the meeting room early. She believed that by arriving early, she would be more prepared. That was the impression she wanted to leave on Charles.

It was also a sign that her company saw this project as something important. However, to Charles, it only seemed as if Holley was overconfident.

On Charles' side, there were only two of them—Charles and David.

"Charles, where's your team? Are you really going to show up at this meeting like this just because you had a divorce?" Holley jeered at Charles.

Charles didn't even cast a glance at Holley. Walking directly to his seat, he said casually, "It seems that the Tarsan Corporation is determined to get this project."

"Of course. Our company is better than your company in every respect. I don't see any reason that the South Corporation should choose your company," Holley sneered at Charles.

'How can someone be so delusional?' David thought. 'Where is her confidence coming from?'

"You…" David was about to say something, but Charles interrupted him.

"All right!" Charles knew what David was thinking; however, it wasn't the time to fight Holley yet.

"David, you've been working with Charles for years, and you still don't know him well enough to know what he's thinking. He's not challenging because he knows it won't be good for him. Right, ex-brother-in-law?" Holley intentionally stressed the last few words to try and trigger Charles.

Charles wasn't annoyed by Holley's words—he just ignored her.

Since his boss didn't say anything, David kept silent too.

After a while, the representatives of the South Corporation arrived.

"I believe you already know," the p

. What happened?" The woman seemed to be puzzled, as she wasn't aware that the miscarriage was a fake one.

The man burst into laughter upon hearing this.

"Why are you laughing? You're so bad!" the woman said playfully. She then clenched her fists and punched the man's chest.

The man wrapped his arms around the woman, then put on a knowing smile. "Holley didn't have a miscarriage. She wasn't even pregnant in the first place!"

"What? Are you kidding me?" The woman sprang up in disbelief.

"Why would I lie to you? She paid me a large sum of money to cover up for her. If it weren't for me, she would have been kicked out by the Hu family!" The man wore a proud look.

When the video finished, the room fell into a thick silence.

Holley's face had turned as white as a sheet. No one was blocking her way now. She squatted down as if she was going to bury her head into the ground.

Charles exchanged a glance with David. They had clearly won this battle. The representatives of the South Corporation were shaking their heads and sighing.

"Holley, you're shameless!" The other members of the Tarsan Corporation accused Holley. They felt that the entire company had been stained by Holley's actions!

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