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   Chapter 1916 Upset

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7136

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Holley was lounging in the living room while Joan was cooking in the kitchen. Holley thought about something for a moment and then decided to talk to Joan. After all, Joan had been standing next to her the whole time she was talking to Isla.

"Joan, come here!" Holley gestured at Joan with her hands.

Joan had just finished cooking a dish. With a big smile on her face, she put the dish on the table and walked over to Holley. "Yes, Miss Ye, how can I help you?"

"Joan, did you hear the conversation between me and my friend just now?"

"Ah, what? No! I heard nothing, Miss Ye," Joan answered quickly, staring at Holley with a confused expression on her face.

Joan was smart enough to read between the lines, and she knew that it would be in her best interest not to get involved in these matters.

"Oh, okay. I'm just worried about Black hearing some rumors." Holley studied Joan carefully as she spoke to her, trying to observe her reaction.

"You can rest assured, Miss Ye. Why would Mr. Hu believe something that is made up by some random people? We should have faith in Mr. Hu," Joan reassured Holley as she could understand what Holley was implying.

Holley was quite satisfied with Joan's answer. She smiled, nodding her head at Joan and told her to go back to the kitchen.

Before long, Black arrived at Holley's home.

He was quite upset, but the moment that he stepped inside and saw Holley, his frustration vanished. There was nothing on his face but happiness.

"Holley, I'm back. I heard that you went shopping this afternoon? How was it? Do you feel tired?" Black sat down next to her and held her hand.

Holley snuggled against Black and buried her face in his arms. Pouting her lips like a child, she said, "Black, you're home. I've missed you!"

"Really? I was just away for a while. Tell me, how much did you miss me?" Black winked at Holley.

Holley blushed and felt even more embarrassed as Black smirked. She playfully punched his arm and said, "You're embarrassing me. I just don't want you to leave!"

"Don't worry. I will never leave you," Black promised Holley as he pulled her c

voice. In an instant, her anger dissipated and she greeted Shirley, "Hi, sweetie! It's me, Auntie Isla!" It seemed as though Isla's worries had disappeared as well.

"Auntie Isla, I've missed you so much!"

"Me too, Shirley. Where is your mother?" Isla almost burst into tears when she heard how much Shirley had missed her.

"Mom…" Shirley called her mother to the phone.

Sheryl walked over to her daughter and said, "Shirley, go find your brother. Auntie Isla and I need to talk about something important." Sheryl was afraid that Isla would lose control and say something crazy, so she asked Shirley to leave.

Shirley nodded at Sheryl and scampered away.

After Shirley had left, Sheryl finally said, "Isla! What made you call me at this hour?"

"How have you been?" Isla ignored Sheryl's question.

Isla would have called Sheryl at least once a day if Sheryl hadn't asked her not to call her so often.

"I'm fine, and the children are fine too. Stop worrying about us. What you need to really worry about is your company and business, okay?" Sheryl laughed out loud at Isla's question. Sheryl thought Isla must have been holding herself back from asking that question for a long time.

Isla hadn't changed at all. She was still the same impulsive, dramatic person Sheryl had first met many years ago.

Sheryl was amused at the thought of it. Isla, however, wasn't too happy with Sheryl's answer.

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