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   Chapter 1915 Good Luck To You

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They say misery loves company. Sure enough it didn't take long for Isla to bump into someone else she didn't like—Holley.

She saw Holley was with another woman, who was seemingly helping her to walk. Holley was acting like she was a queen. 'How disgusting!' Isla thought to herself.

Holley was in the park and had just finished her conversation with the man she was meeting with. She thought of taking a walk, but she knew that she needed to act as if she was still weak. She couldn't even remember the last time she took a walk. However, she needed to grab this opportunity while Black wasn't around, so she asked the nurse to go on her walk with her.

She didn't expect she'd see Isla.

Isla wasn't like Sheryl, who she could just bully. If she tried to fight Isla, Isla would fight back.

She'd decided that she was just going to ignore Isla.

"What are you up to? Why are you avoiding me?" Isla was angry, and she needed to take it out on someone. She wouldn't miss the chance to take it out on Holley.

"Isla." Holley raised her head, slowly realizing that her attempt to escape had failed. "Long time no see!" she commented.

"Why? Did you miss seeing me?" Isla jeered at her.

'Isla is on Sheryl's side, but what does that have to do with me? Why does she hate me? Is it because I was born out of wedlock? Sheryl and I are sisters, but how come it seems like Sheryl's better than me?' she thought to herself.

"Isla, just stop pretending, okay? Who are you to judge me? Are you a saint?" Holley fought back.

Isla was taken aback as this was the first time that she saw Holley like this. She stared back at Holley, startled, and mouth agape.

"What are you looking at me for? Do you think I'm stupid? You're just mad at me because of Charles and Sheryl's divo

Isla reminded herself to be patient as she imagined the day Holley would lose everything.

When Holley got into the car, she asked the driver to hurry.

It was only when Isla's figure disappeared in the rear-view mirror that she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The driver quickly noticed that Holley seemed pale. He couldn't help but worry. After all, Black had specifically asked him to take care of and protect Holley when he wasn't around. If anything happened to her, it would be his fault.

"Ms. Ye, are you all right?" the driver asked.

"Yes. I'm fine. Why do you ask?" Holley responded, puzzled.

"Nothing. Are we going home now?"

"Yes. We're going home."

Holley was much more relaxed now. Even though she still had her concerns, she was able to convince herself to not think about it anymore. 'If Isla really knew about my fake pregnancy, why would she wait then? Why would she pretend she didn't know? If she knew, she wouldn't have let me go, ' she thought as a way of persuading herself.

Soon, the car arrived at Holley's house.

"I'm not going anywhere today. You can take a break!" Holley said to the driver. Then she headed upstairs with the nurse.

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