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   Chapter 1911 Black’s Bold Promise

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Leila rolled her eyes as she watched David and Charles walk out. She could detect David's strong disapproval of her, but it made no sense to her. According to her, David had no reason for disliking her. While she racked her brain to find the reason, an explanation suddenly crossed her mind. The reason why David always turned a cold eye toward her must have something to do with Sheryl.

Thinking of that, Leila couldn't help but grow angry. She began to curse in her heart, 'Sheryl is such a damnable woman! Even though she has left this city, she still manages to trouble me. I hate that woman so much! I must make sure that she disappears from this world once and for all. Only when she dies, can my mind find peace! Can't wait for the day when Charles will forget her and belong to me forever.'

In the hospital, Holley was waiting for a chance to go to the washroom.

But no one was in the room to help her. Without any other choice, she struggled to get out of bed in order to go to the bathroom by herself. Right when she landed her feet on the ground, Black entered the room. Seeing her struggles, he was immediately concerned and rushed to Holley. He reprimanded her, anxiously saying, "What are you doing? Do you want something? I can fetch it for you!"

Holley's reckless behavior not only raised Black's concern but also made him angry. With a glare, he looked at Holley, waiting for her answer.

"Are you mad at me?" Holley asked with an innocent look.

"Why didn't you wait for my arrival? Besides, you can also call the servant I hired for you. She is here to help you with anything! You shouldn't try to move around by yourself! Now, tell me, what has forced you to take this action? What is it that you want?" Black inquired with a stern look. But Holley could tell from his voice how much Black doted on her.

Holley realized the anger in Black's heart had subsided. Then she reached out to hold his hand and said with a bashful smile, "Okay, let me see how you can help me. I got down from the bed to go to the washroom."

"What? Oh…..Emmm…"

Black blushed at what he had just heard. Just as he was awkwardly sitting there, a young nurse entered the ward.

The young nurse had brought some medicines along with her. It turned out she had heard the last part of their conversation. She cast a loving look toward the couple. To ease the awkward atmosphere, she put on a smile.

In her understanding of this world, she always held the belief that rich men were unfaithful. But seeing Black, she realized that wasn't the case. His love for Holley was evident to everyone.

Earlier, she had also been suspicious of Holley's intention and hated seeing the couple. She had doubted, and she had believed that Holley must be a snobbish girl who had trapped Black. But now, from what she had already seen, the love between Black and Holley seemed to be true and unquestionable.

"Mrs. Ye, let me help you go to the bathroom!" the nurse smiled and said. She knew Black was in a dilemma, so she offered to help him out of it.

"Well, thank you!" Holley winked at Black, gesturing him to make a way for the nurse.

Knowing Holley's signal, Black reacted at once. He was very cautious. Since he held himself responsible for Holley's miscarriage, he wanted to make sure Holley's mood would not fluctuate.

The nurse carefully propped Holley up from the bed and was ready to hel

e to allow this marriage to happen!" To dispel the doubt in Holley's heart, Black made a bold promise to her. Besides, doing so had made him even more determined.

"Black, I don't want to be the reason behind your fighting with your father! You have to stop thinking like this! Control your caprice!"

"No! Holley, you are the only one in this world that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I am not afraid to do anything to make it work! No one can meddle in my decision! And anything I do to protect our love is worth it! From now on, I don't want you to ever say that we should end our love! Please, don't break my heart by uttering such rubbish." Once again, Black spoke to Holley with a serious look. He had never before forced Holley to do anything, but this time, he wanted her to have faith in his love. He craved to see the same determination in her.

Looking Black in the eye, Holley fell into silence. She could read how much courage Black had put into this battle. For them, their love, and their future, he was willing to go against his father. She understood she had only one choice—nod her head and tell him that she was willing to stay with him forever.

"Okay, Black, I believe in you. Not once have I doubted our love! And you are the only one I wish to spend the rest of my life with!" Holley bit her lips and promised. Then she leaned her head into Black's arms.

Black decided to stay in the hospital in order to take care of Holley. For the time being, he avoided thinking about his business and company. At the end of the day, it meant nothing when compared to Holley.

Holley rejoiced in her heart as she came to realize her plan had worked effectively. As long as Black was dedicated to her, she didn't think Rex could do much to get rid of her.

She was sure that one day, she would enter the Hu Family and relish their money and fortune. The deeper she made Black fall in love with her, the better her future would become. For now, this assurance from Black was enough for her to put her mind at rest.

"Mrs. Ye, what do you want for lunch? I am now going to prepare it for you! You just rest and relax!"

The nurse went to fetch a cup of water for Holley, and then quickly headed off to make the lunch of her choice.

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