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   Chapter 1910 Panic Attack

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"What's this about? I've done my job. Why did you want to see me?" Scott hated to associate himself in any way with a woman like Holley. However, it was nice to have her around when money was tight.

"You know I'll be staying in the hospital for seven days. I don't want anything unpleasant to happen while I'm here, so..." Holley purposely stopped talking mid-sentence, as she knew that Scott could read between the lines.

"Certainly. I don't want anyone doubting my ability. I'll make sure you'll be fine," Scott assured Holley. He shot her a glance before leaving.

Holley breathed a sigh of relief when Scott finally walked out of the door.

Although he had been giving her attitude, Holley knew that he wouldn't do anything to ruin her plans. His bark was worse than his bite.

Holley wanted to be back at the hospital for a reason. Black had been treating her quite nicely recently, but Rex seemed to disapprove of this. She noticed that Rex had been asking Black too often to go back to work and help out at Tarsan Corporation. Although Rex probably thought he was subtle, it was plain to see that he didn't want his son spending time with Holley. In response, Holley came up with this plan. Only by being back at the hospital could she make Black feel sorry for her and feel remorse for the rest of his life.

In the Shining Company building, Charles had finally done what he wanted to do.

He had had some time to himself and came up with a brilliant idea to ruin Holley's reputation. Now, all that was left was to carry out the plan. He hated for Holley's efforts to have been in vain.

"President Lu, we need to go to the construction site this afternoon, but there's an issue. You're also supposed to be in a meeting with South Corporation at that time!" Leila anxiously announced, seconds after walking into Charles' office.

Charles lifted his head and looked at Leila without speaking a word.

Almost instantly, Leila realized her mistake. She bowed and said, with her voice trembling slightly, "I'm sorry, President Lu. I should have knocked before coming in!"

"You should have. Don't forget it again. Moving on. Help me turn down South Corporation's project," Charles said indiffe

s as if she knew more than anyone else that Charles would suffer a significant loss if he turned down the said project.

For a moment, David's face fell. Luckily, Leila didn't notice.

"Leila, bear your position in mind. I'm guessing President Lu has reminded you of that," David said as he looked Leila straight in the eyes. There was a hint of impatience in his voice.

Leila immediately grew silent, which was what David had wanted.

Feeling victorious, he smiled and walked toward Charles' office.

He knocked when he reached the door.

"Mr. Lu, I just bumped into Leila. She told me that you refused to meet South Corporation's manager. May I ask why?" Although David disliked Leila, what she had just said did bother him.

Charles, noting how anxious David was acting, put his files down flat on his table. Quietly, he explained, "Tarsan Corporation is dealing with that project now. If I meet with the manager, won't that give Tarsan Corporation enough time to come up with a plan to destroy us?"

David understood immediately.

Charles was right. As long as Shining Company didn't associate itself with South Corporation, there was nothing that Tarsan Corporation could do to harm them. Tarsan Corporation might have a panic attack if they didn't see any movement from Shining Company any time soon.

"Got it, Sir. By the way, here's the file you asked me to prepare. Are we heading to the construction site now?" David asked.

"Yes. Yes, we are."

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