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   Chapter 1909 Dos And Don'ts

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Since that particular day, Charles had begun paying special attention to Holley. He did so, both for Sheryl and himself. He had to teach this woman a lesson she would never forget.

One morning, Holley sat in silence in her own house, thinking.

Although she had been out of the hospital for a while now, rumors about her continued to circulate. The whispers made her feel restless. Early that morning, after some thought, she called Scott and instructed him to call her back in a few minutes, in the guise of an emergency reexamination.

"What? You've already left the hospital. Were you unwilling to do so at the time? Why would you want to return?" Scott asked, quite perplexed. They had both gotten what they wanted. Why would she return to the hospital?

"You don't need to know. I've paid you and kept my end of the bargain. Just do as I say," Holley said, upset by the doctor's question.

Scott rolled his eyes, unaffected by Holley's impatience. He thought about it and said, "Holley, think it over. You've paid me to keep your previous affairs at the hospital a secret. Now, you've left and want to return. You do realize that this is the beginning of a new deal."

"You..." Holley was becoming more annoyed by the second. However, she could not risk offending or displeasing Scott in any way, as this would jeopardize her plans. At the moment, she had no other choice but to keep her emotions in check.

"Okay. You'll receive the payment later. You only need to let me stay at the hospital for one week." Holley hung up before the doctor could respond.

Scott looked at his phone and grinned.

'What the hell are you planning, Holley?' he thought suspiciously of the woman. In the end, he decided it didn't matter. To him, money was more important than anything else.

As soon as Holley ended the call, Black walked back into the room.

These days, Black had been handling all of Tarsan Corporation's projects. All this had been Holley's job in the beginning, but now that she was temporarily unable to work, Black had volunteered to take over.

"Holley, are you up?" Black asked. He lovingly gazed at Holley, who was sitting quietly in the living room.

It appeared as though Black's voice had cheered her up. She raised her head and beamed with delight. The moment she opened her mouth to talk to him, her phone rang. After giving Black a tentat

he point in telling Holley everything. She didn't need to know that she might have some difficulty getting pregnant in the future if they weren't careful. Knowing this would only make her overthink.

"Hmm...I'm not worried, but you don't need to stay with me the whole day. We have a maternity nurse. She'll look after me." Holley gave Black a meaningful look, a look that said she didn't want to be a burden and that she could take care of herself.

"Okay. I'll drop by Tarsan Corporation and tell them what to do. Then, I'll return to you." Black planted a gentle kiss on Holley's forehead and walked out of the ward.

After Black had left, Holley let out a sigh of relief. Then she raised her head and looked at the maternity nurse. After faking a cough, Holley told the woman, "Go out and buy me something, anything. I want to get some rest."

"Okay, Ms. Ye." Noticing the displeasure on Holley's face, the maternity nurse didn't dare to speak a word. Although she had no idea what she was supposed to buy, she obediently went out of the room.

The moment that the maternity nurse was gone, Holley took out her phone and dialed a familiar number. She told the person on the other end of the line to come quickly. Then she abruptly hung up.

Almost instantly, the door opened, and Scott walked in.

"What's the matter? He has just left. Lonely already?" Scott asked sarcastically.

Holley took a moment to think. Then, concealing her irritation, she faced the doctor and forced a smile. "Do you need to be unpleasant toward me, Doctor? Haven't I given you the money?"

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