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   Chapter 1908 An Anonymous Email

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Leila had secretly followed Charles that night, so she knew he was having dinner with an important client of Shining Company. Considering the situation, she figured he would be drunk. Expectantly, she waited for him to get back home. She planned to give it another try when he was not sober.

After a long while, Leila heard Charles going upstairs. 'The wait is over!' she thought to herself. And then she took a deep breath. She opened the door gently and made her way to his bedroom.

For a few seconds, Leila stood near the door, trying to decipher if there was any sound coming from inside. But she heard nothing. She then told herself that Charles must be taking a shower. A smile crept on her face as she knew that even God was trying to help her.

Without hesitation, Leila pushed the door open and entered.

In no time, she was in Charles' bedroom. However, she couldn't hear any sounds of the faucet. Even on closer inspection, she couldn't find anyone present in the bathroom, nor was he found outside. 'If he is not in the bedroom, then where?' she thought to herself, completely confused.

She wondered whether she had imagined his footsteps. 'It was Charles! How can he not be on the second floor?' she kept on wondering.

'Did he go to his study?' Leila's face fell at this thought. If he had indeed gone to the study, then it meant she had guessed wrong. Charles probably wasn't drunk.

This pessimistic thought consumed her, yet she didn't plan to give up. She went downstairs and poured a cup of water before heading to Charles' study.


Charles was busily checking the files in the study. He had had a lot to drink tonight, but it was not enough to make him drunk. He just felt a little unwell.

"Who is it?" It was late at night, and Charles didn't know who was coming, so he frowned.

"Charles, it's me!" Leila answered using her sweetest tone.

"Come in!"

Since Leila was disturbing him late at night, Charles was sure she had some malicious intentions. He hesitated, but in the end, he decided to let her in. Last time, he had embarrassed her, yet she hadn't given up. Now he was curious to see how low she would stoop.

"Charles, what took you so long to return? Are you drunk? I know you must be tired, so I prepared a cup of honey water for you. Drink it." Leila loo

e if this information was of any value. However, in the end, he decided to blurt it all out.

"Ferry Fang?" Now Charles realized this was much more complex than he had anticipated. His interest level notched up.

He once again thought about Holley and her deeds. 'Did she really love Black? If yes, then why would she cheat on him? A person truly in love could never do such a thing, ' he thought. In the end, he concluded she was a heartless woman.

While thinking about this, Charles remembered what she had done to Sheryl in the past. This intensified his anger towards this woman.

"Yes, it must be him." Only a few seconds ago, David had been hesitant to reveal this news. He had assumed that his boss would be unhappy. But now he saw his boss's long face and felt guilty.

"Alright, I see. You can leave now," Charles said, dismissing David so that he could think more clearly. Solitude helped him in focusing.

Recently, Shining Company and Tarsan Corporation were competing for a project. In the beginning, Shining Company had been determined to get this project, but Tarsan Corporation, out of nowhere, tried to take it. The information which David had given him seemed like a good way to retaliate. 'The opportunity is in my hands. Why shouldn't I make use of it?' he thought.

While such an idea approached his mind, a smile made its way to Charles' face. He wasn't thinking anymore; instead, he was planning.

But he reminded himself to act carefully. 'I can't make any rash decisions if I want this plan to be successful!'

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