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   Chapter 1907 Isla’s Full-proof Plan.

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Isla knew that confronting Holley head-on would be too risky for her. Hence, she decided to leave it to Charles. Moreover, nothing would give her greater pleasure than watching these bad people clashing with each other.

A smile appeared on her face as she applauded herself in her mind for this brilliant idea. Watching her smile, Aron's face turned rather perplexed with a hint of a frown on his brows.

"Now what is making you smile?" Aron was left confused by Isla's reaction, though he was a bit relieved to see the smile on Isla's face. He gave an awkward smile at seeing that.

"Silly!" Isla patted Aron's shoulder and said, "I am fine! You go to sleep. I still have some work pending. I will come to bed after I get it done." Isla rushed Aron to the bedroom to grab a good night's sleep while she headed towards the study.

Aron stood at the bedroom door, watching Isla entering the study. He was still worried about Isla's health. But at the moment all he could do was to give her all the support she needed for her job. Cloud Advertising Company is going through a very crucial time at present. Since Sheryl was out of the country, the entire responsibility of the company rested completely on Isla's shoulders at the moment.

Aron heaved a sigh and returned to bed.

Isla, on the other hand, was completely oblivious to Aron's state of mind. She was riveted by the computer screen while murmuring to herself, "It will be fun to watch Holley and Charles up against each other!"

Isla could not contain this amusing thought in her mind. Rather it came out as a burst of hearty laughter.

Without further hesitation, Isla immediately began to plan the execution of her plot.

After nailing the last detail, Isla went to the bedroom to compensate for her overdue sleep with much satisfaction and excitement.

"Have you completed your work?" Aron was awake. This was a habit that he had developed since they had got married. He could not sleep soundly without Isla by his side.

"Why aren't you sleeping yet?" Isla was startled to find Aron still awake when she entered the bedroom. She felt a little bit guilty that Aron had been waiting for her. She then lay down right next to Aron and snuggled up to him, "Do you remember Holley?"

"Of course. How could I not? I remember that you two have a rather unpleasant history. Why do you bring her up now?" Aron was getting curious. Was Holley the reason why Isla was up nearly all night long?

Isla was not someone who would let herself be affected by any of those unpleasant people. Now that she brought up Holley out of the blue, something must have happened between the two of them. So Aron once again began to worry about Isla.

Thinking of Holley left Isla in a poor mood. She punched her qu

however, someone else, on the other side of the city, was having a sleepless night.

In the stillness and tranquility of mid-night in the Dream Garden

Leila had been trying to listen for the sounds of movement from downstairs for hours already, but nothing could be heard except for the stillness and an undeterred silence. It was ten at night, and Charles was still not back yet. Leila could barely keep her eyes open and was just about to doze off at any moment.

David parked the car in the driveway of Dream Garden. He turned and saw that Charles was a little drunk in the back seat. He could sense the pressure on Charles. Shining Company was in the worst possible condition at the moment, and Charles was going berserk, putting everything back to its rightful place.

"Sir, we are home now," David coughed politely before he called Charles.

Charles frowned slightly and opened his eyes to look at David. He then looked outside and found that he had arrived at Dream Garden. He got up slowly, "It is late now. Go ahead and get some rest yourself!"

"Thank you, Sir!"

David did not leave until he saw Charles had walked up the stairs. After that, he drove away.

David was not his designated driver. He was only filling in for that driver, who had to take some leave for some family matter during the night shift.

Leila was just about to fall into a sound sleep when she heard the sound of the car parking outside. She instantly woke up and walked to the door. She pressed her ear on the door, listening for a while. Judging from the noise outside, she made sure that it was Charles.

A playful smile played on Leila's lips as she looked down at the sexy, silk nightgown she was wearing. Yes. This is what she had been waiting for. Tonight was her best chance of taking her relationship with Charles to the next level.

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