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   Chapter 1906 Don't Know What to Do

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"I'm not going to do such things. If you're with me, then you can kiss your luxury trips goodbye. As doctors and nurses, we devote our lives to our professions, but sadly, we don't get paid much for it. I couldn't possibly afford such a lifestyle," Scott explained to Wade when he heard the girl make mean comments about him.

Wade, on the other hand, completely agreed with Scott and ended up complaining along with him about his profession.

However, Cassie couldn't take any of it anymore. She knew well what Holley was like and how cruel she could be. That ugly shrimp had sabotaged Sheryl on multiple occasions, and now, she was out hurting other people too.

Cassie missed the rest of the conversation since she wanted to contact Sheryl to tell her about Holley's disgusting scheme.

She found herself an empty hallway and dialed Sheryl's cell.

When Cassie only reached Sheryl's voicemail, despite several attempts, Cassie's eyes widened in realization.

'Oh, shoot. I forgot Sheryl went abroad with her kids, ' she thought. Sheryl's abrupt departure popped into her mind. It saddened her deeply that her friend did not even say goodbye.

She knew this was an extremely hard time for Sheryl. Cassie wondered how her friend managed to push through every day by herself while taking care of two kids.

Cassie shook her head in an attempt to take her mind off of these kind of affairs.

Deciding to call Sheryl another time, Cassie went back to the dining table and saw Scott and Wade were already there. She was quite certain the two were dating now.

Being the third wheel, Cassie felt somewhat uncomfortable and remained silent throughout their meal until she got a call from Nick. She answered the phone on the first ring, eager to free herself from the awkwardness. "I'm at the Japanese restaurant down the block. Please, pick me up!"

After ending the call, Cassie plastered on an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, but something came up, and I have to leave now. My boyfriend's on his way to pick me up. Let's meet again sometime!"

She turned to Scott. "Scott, thank you so much for your hospitality." Without anot

o long.

Isla wouldn't have let Holley roam the city freely if it hadn't been for Sheryl, who wanted to let it slide for old time's sake. Now that the opportunity presented itself, she'd be a fool if she didn't take advantage of it.

"Yeah, I know. I heard it myself. Both Nick and I want to make this woman pay for what she's done, but we feel like going to the press with this story wouldn't be enough to hurt her." While Cassie's voice was soft, Isla could sense hatred in her tone.

Although Cassie had only met Holley a few times, and she didn't know the full extent of what she had done, Cassie still hated Holley. Even without what happened with Sheryl, Cassie still would not choose to befriend her.

"Alright. Thanks for letting me know. I'll take it from here. I won't let her get away with this," Isla said. She didn't want Cassie to be involved in this mess any further.

"No problem, Isla! Let me know if you need anything." Isla's confidence was infectious, so Cassie decided to leave it in the girl's hands. She trusted Isla's judgment on this.

After the phone call with Isla, both Cassie and Nick let out a sigh of relief and began to head home.

"Hey, you okay? What's wrong?" Aron asked as he walked over. Isla only sat there doing nothing, so he rubbed her back, gently coaxing her to talk.

Feeling Aron's touch, Isla suddenly came to, and with this, a brilliant idea sprung into her head.

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