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   Chapter 1904 Control Himself

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"Mr. Lu, I didn't do this on purpose. I always check files like this. A lot of other people check these important files before I have to, so by the time it arrives on my desk, I don't take as much time to review this unless I'm told to pay special attention to it..."

"So that's one more reason not to keep you in the company," Charles said casually.

Upon hearing Charles' words, the CFO knew that he couldn't escape, so he finally took a deep breath. "Mr. Lu, can you at least let me resign? Don't fire me, or I wouldn't have a career after this. I'll tell you everything you want to know as long as you agree."

The CFO knew enough about Charles. If Charles had already decided to fire him, he would be just wasting his time trying to beg him not to. The only thing he could do now was protect what little dignity he had left.

"Okay. I need to know anything that's going to be useful to me." Charles just needed to know who was keeping information from him about the company.

"Mr. Lu, this isn't the first time that I've checked files, which came from Mr. Zhang. I was able to catch him once, and when asked, he said he had done this before so many times already, and so many other people had done this too..." The CFO trailed off. He knew that Charles already understood what he meant.

Charles nodded as if lost in thought. He was well aware that the more senior directors grafted money all the time. However, it was only a small amount, so he often just let them go. He didn't expect that someone would be so bold as to graft such a huge amount of money in one go. Only Mr. Zhang would graft more than ten million from the project that was worth one thousand million. It was as if he was preparing for retirement.

"All right. Hand in your letter of resignation at once." Charles waved his hand, telling him to leave.

After the CFO walked out, David anxiously k

might trigger her.

Even though Holley was already discharged, she had suffered a miscarriage, so he had to take good care of her.

Black hired the best maternity nurse in the city to look after Holley.

"Black, I'm fine now. Go back to work. Don't delay your work because of me. Otherwise, your father will be mad at you." Holley lay on the bed after coming back home. She held Black's hand and looked worried.

Black felt worse when Holley said this. She was the one who was sick, and yet she was still thinking about him. He couldn't help but be moved.

"Holley, don't worry. I've already told my father. He agreed with me, and he's let me look after you, so just relax. He wouldn't blame you. Plus, you're still so weak. It's my duty to take care of you." Black looked at Holley with much affection.

Since Black insisted, Holley decided to let it go.

Meanwhile, as soon as Holley was discharged, her doctor was overjoyed.

Now that there was nobody else in the office, he took out his cellphone and looked at the text about the transferred money. He was so happy that he almost cried.

"Holley, I'm surprised to see how generous you are," Doctor Liu murmured. It was time to get off work. He changed out of his coat and then left.

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