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   Chapter 1903 The Loophole

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"It's good that she's safe," Charles mumbled and then told David to drive back.

"Mr. Lu, you're back!" Leila was the first one, who noticed that Charles was back. She was that attentive. She quickly walked over to greet him, beaming.

"Tell Wade to come see me." Charles coldly ordered as he walked around Leila and headed to his office.

Leila stayed in the Secretary Department once Charles ignored her. She couldn't afford to embarrass herself like that again.

David waited until Charles had entered his office before going back to his own desk. He was surprised when Leila blocked his way.

"David, where have you been?" Leila asked. She was so curious.

"Ms. Zhang, I think I've already told you this more than once before.

If you are free, you can go visit Mrs. Lu more, in case she thinks that you don't care about her when she wakes up and can't see you around," David sarcastically said as he looked at Leila.

Leila hadn't expected that David would respond to her like that. She was mad at Wade, and David angered her more, but it frustrated her that she couldn't retort.

Leila was seldom offended. She thought it over and realized that only David had the nerve to do that to her.

"Why did you try to embarrass me? What did I ever do to you?" Leila stood in his way, unable to control herself.

David was confused to see Leila acting like this. This wasn't the first time that he'd spoken to her like this, but why was she only confronting him about it now?

Since it looked like she was determined to get an answer, David looked at her scornfully. After a pause, he said, "Leila, I think you should look in yourself if you did something to me."

"David, you and I are the two people closest to Charles. If we can

hing unusual about it.

"Mr...Mr. Lu, I really didn't know. I...I was careless."

"Who gave this to you?" Charles just wanted to know who was so bold as to do that to his face. It was such an obvious loophole. Did the guy think the boss was an idiot?

Did they think Charles being president was just a figurehead position?

"It was...Mr. Zhang." The CFO knew he had to do whatever he could to protect himself, so he said the director's name.

"You're the CFO and you couldn't even find this loophole? Do you really think I'm going to let you keep your job?" It seemed as if Charles didn't really want to give the CFO a hard time, but he had to teach him a lesson.

"Mr. Lu, I've been working here for more than 10 years. You can't just erase everything I've done based on this simple mistake." The CFO wasn't stupid. He knew what Charles meant when he said that.

"That's right. I can't fire you over this, but if you did this on purpose, what should your punishment be then?" Charles raised his head in an instant and stared at the CFO.

The CFO couldn't help but be frightened.

The CFO took a deep breath. What Charles had said really scared him.

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