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Leila continued to rant, even though she knew Melissa couldn't hear her.

Soon, a nurse walked into the ward.

She seemed to like Leila very much. Every time she saw Leila, she put on a big smile.

"Ms. Zhang, you're here?" the nurse asked as she changed Melissa's dressings.

Leila forced a smile. She grabbed Melissa's hand and asked, sounding concerned, "Thank you so much for taking care of Aunt Melissa. Charles and I have been pretty busy with work. If anything happens, please, let me know first."

"No problem. You don't have to worry, Ms. Zhang. I'll take care of Mrs. Lu," the nurse answered, smiling.

Leila breathed a sigh of relief. She talked to Melissa for a while before leaving.

In the Shining Company

Charles was just leaving. When he walked out of the office door, he bumped into Leila. He was going to ignore her, but Leila called his name, "President Lu, are you leaving?"

"Do we have to report to you now?" David said before Charles could answer Leila. David was annoyed that Leila was getting more and more bossy.

Charles didn't utter a single word, which to Leila, was an agreement to David's comment.

Leila was a little embarrassed. She smiled and nodded at David in an attempt to lighten the mood. "I'm just asking. David, relax."

"Let's go, David," Charles piped in because he could feel the tension rising between David and Leila.

After David and Charles left the Shining Company, David tried several times to ask Charles something. Charles eventually turned his head and asked David, "What do you want to ask me?"

"President Lu, do you…" David was going to ask whether Charles had a crush on Leila. But he swallowed back his words. It was so awkward to ask Charles such a question.

"You know what you can ask and what you can't ask. I know what I'm doing, David," Charles snapped. Charles saw through David. What David wanted to know was the last thing he wanted to talk about.

"Yes, President Lu," David responded as he bowed to


"David told me that President Lu would be back soon. He asked me to wait," Wade answered, coming back to her senses.

"Then what are you waiting for? Go and prepare the files!" After Wade left her office, Leila fell into deep thought again.

When Charles left, he wasn't really going anywhere in particular. He was just starting to feel bored, so he decided to go out for a ride and get some fresh air. When David received the call from Wade, he promptly informed Charles. Charles then returned to the office.

Charles asked David to drive him to a beach that he and Sheryl used to go to. As he gazed at the stunning view, he couldn't help but reminisce about all the good times he had here with Sheryl.

All he could think about now was Sheryl's sweet smile. 'You must be very mad at me right now, Sher, ' Charles thought to himself.

He shook his head and smiled bitterly.

"President Lu, what's on your mind?" It had been a long time since David had seen Charles smile. He got curious, so he asked Charles.

Charles turned around and looked at David. He smiled at him and asked, "Do you know what Sher is doing now?"

"I'm not entirely sure, but we definitely have people watching her. Since you didn't allow them to report to you any of her whereabouts, we can assume that she's very safe right now."

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