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   Chapter 1901 You Better Pray

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After Doctor Liu went out, Holley fell into a daze. When she snapped back to reality, she slapped the patient bed hard and spat, "Fuck it! If I get the chance, I'll surely make you pay!"

Leila hadn't visited Melissa in a while.

Recently, she had been so busy with Charles she had forgotten that there was another person, who she had to deal with, in the hospital.

There wasn't much progress on Charles' side; hence, she decided to check on Melissa. 'If she wakes up suddenly, then all my efforts would be wasted!' she thought.

She first visited the doctor in charge of Melissa. When she was informed that she still had some time before Melissa would wake up, she heaved a silent sigh of relief.

"Doctor, thank you for taking care of the patient. Charles is quite busy. If Aunt Melissa shows any signs of waking up, please, contact me first," Leila said to the doctor.

The doctor nodded his head.

Then Leila headed to Melissa's ward.

To her surprise, on her way, she saw a familiar figure in one of the wards.

It was none other than Holley. 'Why is she here?' Leila asked herself.

Driven by curiosity, Leila knocked on the door and pushed the door open.

Holley turned around, and their eyes instantly met.

"It's you?" Holley hadn't expected to see Leila here.

The moment she saw Leila, she felt bitterness in her mouth.

"Holley, what happened to you? I thought you were pregnant? It's been around four to five months already, right? What happened to your baby?" Leila jeered as she folded her arms. A sinister smile was plastered on her face.

Holley could feel her anger boiling in her heart. However, she couldn't let her anger out now. She clenched her fists so hard that the knuckl


Before Leila could point this out, Holley had already asked her to leave.

"All right. I'll go now. I'll visit you sometime later!" Leila excused herself and left.

She thought that this wasn't the time to fight with Holley yet. If she started the war now, Holley might fight back even harder. The good image she was trying to establish with Charles might get tarnished.

After Leila left, Holley was still trembling in fear. It took a while before she was able to recover.

Leila then walked to Melissa's ward.

The nurse was preparing Melissa's medicine, so Melissa was alone in her room.

The usual soft facade on Leila's face was gone. She wore an arrogant look as she spat, "Melissa, your son's nothing if not stubborn! Sheryl's already divorced him. She's already even told people how disloyal he has been to her. Everyone else thinks Charles and I are perfect for one another. Still, he won't let me get close to him. I'm starting to run out of patience. While you're being useless and in a coma, you better pray that your son finally sees the light and sees who really loves him. Or who knows what I could do to him?"

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