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   Chapter 1896 The Seduction

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Leila had bought this nightgown on the spur of the moment while shopping. Though it was pricey, its quality was fantastic—the silk felt really soft and comfortable.

More importantly, when Leila stood in front of the mirror wearing this nightgown, she could see her curves perfectly traced out, making her seductively enchanting.

Leila intentionally dressed in a way that would expose a larger part of her breasts. Until her cleavage was clearly shown, she never felt satisfied.

She stepped out of her bedroom and walked to Charles' study with a smug smile. 'No man can control himself when they see me. I'm able to arouse every man's primitive desire for a woman. Moreover, Charles has been distant from Sheryl for a long time now. I'm sure he can't reject me after being deprived of sex for so long.'

Leila stopped outside the study. Oozing with confidence, she pushed the door open without even knocking.

Stepping into the room, she fell into a daze when he saw Charles.

He had just finished showering. Wearing his bathrobe, he sat behind his desk and was reading some documents.

Upon hearing the sound made by Leila, Charles raised his head. His gaze only remained on her for a second, and then he focused back on the document that he was reading.

Initially, Leila had felt a bit nervous at barging in. However, when Charles showed no interest in her, she started to feel anxious.

'What's wrong with this man? Doesn't he even have any interest on my body?' Leila wondered.

Not ready to give up as yet, she thought of probing him.

"Charles, thank you so much for earlier," Leila said, pretending to be bashful.

Charles heard her, but he had no intention of entertaining her. Without looking up, he simply responded, "No problem."

"Charles, I don't know why I suddenly felt dizzy earlier today. If you weren't there to catch me on time, I might have..." Walking closer to him, Leila continued, "Charles, are you feeling tired? Do you want a massage? Aunt Melissa said that my massaging skills are not that bad. Actually, every time I massaged her, she felt much more relaxed."

Charles was about to reject her offer, but then

f the rack.

Looking at the bottles and packs scattered on the floor, the little girl was terrified. Asking Clark to take his sister to the side, Sheryl started to pick up the items and arrange them back onto the rack, together with a shop assistant who came to help.

"I'm so sorry. My daughter accidentally bumped into the rack. Sorry for causing you trouble," Sheryl apologized to the shop assistant as she placed another bottle on the rack.

"It's okay, ma'am," the shop assistant answered. "I'm sure it was just an accident." She just smiled back and continued to help clear the mess.

At the side, Clark was standing close to her sister and their pushcart. "Shirley, you have to be more careful next time. You don't want mom to worry about us, do you?" he asked her seriously.

Feeling guilty, Shirley shook her head and answered, "No, I don't want mom to worry. I promise to be more careful next time."

"Good girl. I'm sure mom knows you didn't do it on purpose," Clark said, giving solace to his younger sister. He gently patted Shirley's shoulder, telling her it was okay.

Hearing the little conversation between her twins, Sheryl couldn't help feeling touched. She turned to look in their direction.

Despite Clark being only a few minutes older than Shirley, he was much more mature than her.

'They are the sweetest kids in the world, but they have lost their father, ' Sheryl thought with a heartfelt sigh.

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