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   Chapter 1895 A Great Chance

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Charles' eyes ran over the table and found that all his favorite dishes had been served. They all looked delicious.

"Charles, do you like them? I was afraid that you would get hungry, so I ordered in advance, while we were on our way here. Now that all is ready, we can just sit and eat." Leila looked at Charles with affectionate eyes.

"Thanks." Taking his seat, Charles didn't say more.

Leila conveniently took the seat next to him. Apparently, it was a waste for two people to have more than ten dishes.

Charles remained silent as he looked at each dish, deciding which one to taste first. Taking her chance, Leila started putting some of the dishes on his plate.

"Charles, I know that these are all your favorites. Come on. Enjoy yourself," Leila said, as she continued to put food onto his plate.

Charles nodded. "Don't give me so much. That's enough." He tried to stop her by raising his hand all of a sudden. Then he started to put some stir-fried vegetables on Leila's plate.

Seeing that, Leila was petrified.

She couldn't believe what she just witnessed.

'Is it true?'

Charles had unexpectedly placed some food on her plate.

Oh, God! She must be dreaming!

"What's wrong? Don't you like it?" Charles frowned and asked, noticing how Leila looked at him blankly as if she lost her mind.

In fact, he was clear about everything. This woman was good at acting, so he tried to play the same game with her. It was amusing to give the person who he hated a dose of her own medicine.

"Yes, I like it very much." Snapping back to reality, Leila found Charles still staring at her. She felt excited and hurriedly took a bite of the food Charles had given her. She pretended to eat with relish, chewing it slowly.

"Great," Charles said, sounding pleased.

Leila was overjoyed to see Charles' relieved expression, noting that he cared about her so much.

"Charles, why don't you eat some more?" Beaming with a big smile, Leila offered him another serving of meat.

Charles nodded and decided to continue eating.

After dinner, while dessert was being served, Charles went to the washroom. When he walked to the door, he saw Leila approaching.

Thinking that Leila also wanted to

a got up from the backseat and out of the car. Raising her head, she looked at the door. As expected, Charles was no longer in sight.

Not wanting to talk with Nancy, Leila said quickly, "I feel much better now. Get back to your job." Afterward, Leila walked past her and went into the house immediately.

She didn't see Charles in the living room when she entered, so he must have already gone upstairs. Leila looked around again before she went upstairs in a hurry.

As she walked up the staircase, she heard some noise coming from the study and guessed that Charles was inside. Gritting her teeth, she decided to confront him.

Leila stopped by the door of the study and knocked gently to show her politeness. Before the man inside could respond, she pushed the door open and entered.

However, she found the room empty the moment she walked in.

Leila started to wonder, 'Where could Charles be?'

Just when she thought she was going crazy, Leila heard the sound of running water from the bathroom.

Leila stood shocked, as she listened to the drops of water hitting a tiled floor. 'Is Charles having a shower inside?' she thought.

Realizing that might be true, Leila started to get excited again.

She saw this as another light of opportunity. It was definitely a great chance she could take!

Leila hurriedly rushed into her bedroom. Since it was too late to have a bath, she decided to just take off her clothes and changed into her new lace nightgown.

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