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   Chapter 1893 Rex Sank Into Silence

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Clark held the phone close to his ear, keenly waiting to hear his father's voice. But all he could hear at the moment was a series of dull beeps. Knowing Charles hadn't picked up the phone, Sheryl felt upset too. She marked the heartbroken look on her son's face. Heaving a deep sigh, she approached Clark and caressed his little head before taking the phone back. Not wanting her son to know the truth, she came up with a story. So she asked, "Is your dad not answering your call?"

Nodding his little head without saying a word, Clark raised his head. As he looked up, Sheryl noticed the tears welling up in his eyes. Clark was deeply upset. He sobbed and asked, "Dad doesn't love me and Shirley anymore, right? Or else, he would have answered my call."

Both mother and son were in the same state of mind at that moment. His words pulled at Sheryl's heartstrings, making her all the more upset. For a moment, Sheryl choked and didn't know how to reply. Quickly, she pulled herself together and comforted Clark, saying, "Don't worry. Your dad is just too busy. He will soon return your call. Don't think too much! How about this? You go to wash your hands right now, and then come back and enjoy the sweets with your sister?"

"But, Mom, I don't think so! I am sure Dad didn't want to speak with me, so he didn't pick up the phone!" Clark insisted. Being an extremely sensitive and intelligent boy, he could sense that something was not right, and Sheryl must have hidden something from him and his sister.

Sheryl felt awkward at times because of Clark's sensitivity. Sometimes, she just prayed that her son could have a normal brain, just like other kids of his age.

"Now, where did that come from? Don't you trust your mother? Okay, make another call after you finish eating the cake, all right?" Sheryl tried to divert Clark's attention.

Clark fell into silence for a while. Then he relaxed his frown and nodded his head.

After eating the cake, Sheryl began to clean the table. But Clark hadn't forgotten to call his Dad. He immediately reached out for the phone and dialed Charles' number again.

When Sheryl noticed what Clark was doing, she couldn't help but sigh in her heart, thinking, 'This kid is so stubborn! God knows who he has inherited this character trait from, me or Charles?'

Clark dialed his father's number again, eagerly waiting for a reply.

Sheryl stopped her cleaning act and watched her son. Each beep from the other side of the line tugged at her heartstrings. She was not sure whether Charles would answer the phone. She panicked at the thought of her son's call being rejected again.

Within less than half a minute, Sheryl found Clark in a dejected state of mind again. He lowered the phone from his ear and shook his head in disappointment.

"Mom, Dad's phone can't be reached. This time, it says the number I am dialing is out of service. I know, Dad doesn't want to talk to me anymore!" The gloominess in Clark's eyes was too heartbreaking for Sheryl to just stand and watch.

Sheryl felt a wave of anger rising in her chest. She had never expected Charles to be

ll doubtful about her love for Black.

"Okay, you can leave that to me. I will handle it and find out who was behind the attack," Rex replied, after a long pause.

Black couldn't be more grateful. He tried to thank his father at once, "Dad, I…" But he choked in the end.

"You don't have to thank me. Now that Holley is wounded, just let me know whenever you need me." Rex was worried for Black. But he didn't want to show his feelings to his son. That would make him feel embarrassed. Finishing his words, Rex hung up the phone.

Black could sense Rex's concern, yet he pretended to know nothing and obeyed his father.

After the call, the door of operation room suddenly opened.

Black promptly raised his head and sprang to his feet. Seeing the doctor coming out, he rushed towards him.

"Doctor! Holley? How is she now? Is she out of danger?" Black asked in an anxious tone.

The doctor calmly took off the face-mask and replied, "The patient is fine now. But she is very weak, at the moment. It will take some time for her to recover!"

Having spoken, the doctor turned away and left.

However, after taking only a few steps, the doctor felt a firm grasp on his shoulder. Black had followed right after him to ask, "Is she really okay? Then why is she still in the operation room?"

Though the doctor had assured him that everything was fine, Holley's stay in the operation room, even after the doctor came out, made Black anxious about her real health condition. He wanted to make one hundred percent sure that Holley was indeed okay.

The doctor was initially taken aback by such an intimidating action, but he later understood Black's concern. He smiled and comforted Black at once. "There is still some last-minute monitoring going on. Don't worry. You will be able to see her soon! Rest assured!"

Rest assured? How could Black rest assured? He had seen how badly Holley was hurt? Until he saw her with his own eyes, he could not put his mind at rest. Black kept pacing back and forth, waiting for Holley to be brought out of the operation room.

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