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   Chapter 1892 Cruel

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Sheryl could tell how frustrated the children were, so she tried to calm them down as best she could. "I'm not. Why would I be? In fact, I'm very happy that you two still care about your father so much."

Clark was relieved when he heard Sheryl. He grabbed Sheryl and Shirley's hands. "Let's go. Let's call Dad!"

Shirley was grinning from ear to ear.

However, this only upset Sheryl more.

If nothing had happened, she would be still living in the Dream Garden, and then the kids never would have had to separate from their father. Being able to talk to their father on the phone wasn't supposed to be an occasion to the point that they would get excited at just the idea of it.

At that moment, Charles had just finished a meeting and was heading back to his office. He felt exhausted.

He used to work nonstop for days before. However, lately, he had been feeling tired and unfocused during work. He wondered if it was his insomnia, or if it was something else.

Charles rubbed his eyes, then slowly closed them to try to relax.

Then someone knocked on his office door.

"Come in!"

"President Lu, you have a meeting with President Hu of Global Company in 10 minutes," David announced as he pushed the door open with a file in his hand. He passed the file to Charles and asked him to check it.

Charles took the file from David and briefly glanced at it before signing it.

"And…" David hesitated. He was acting awkward as if he didn't know how to start.

"What's wrong?" Charles asked plainly as he lifted his head.

David didn't want to bother Charles with such a tiny thing. But since Charles had asked him, he had to answer. "I heard that Leila had asked Wade to book a room in the Splendid Hotel. She said you were having dinner with her at seven tonight."

"Did she?" Charles didn't seem to be surprised at all. Instead, he nodded at David and said, "All right."

Charles' reaction was a little unsettling for David. The Charles he knew had a strong personality, and

Clark was upset that Charles didn't answer his call.

Shirley didn't seem to understand what had happened. She stood next to Clark and urged him, "Clark, call Dad. Call Dad."

Clark knew that even if they called Charles again, he still wouldn't answer it. His phone kept ringing, and still, it went unanswered. Clark knew that Charles took his phone everywhere with him.

Clark felt so upset that he couldn't say a word. He couldn't even bring himself to answer Shirley.

Sheryl had just gotten back from the kitchen. When she saw Clark's face, she immediately understood what had happened.

She never thought that Charles could do this. He was not even going to answer her calls? While that was perfectly understandable to her, she was still pissed as to why Charles wouldn't think that his kids might be calling him too.

Sheryl was outraged as she thought of this. She hated seeing her children upset, so she walked to them and gave them a huge smile. Then she said, "Clark and Shirley, go wash your hands and try these egg tarts. This is a new flavor. Faster! Let's see if you're going to like this or not!"

Shirley's eyes lit up upon hearing that Sheryl had snacks for them. She dashed to the bathroom to wash her hands as if nothing had happened.

Clark, however, was still holding the cell phone, his face gloomy.

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