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   Chapter 1891 Do You Miss Him

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Black had never been so scared to lose anything, until now.

He could feel Holley's soft body trembling in his arms, and his heart was racing.

"Holley! Holley, stay with me. How are you feeling?" Black asked the woman in his arms, a scared expression on his face.

Holley's arm was only slightly injured. Although she could feel a little sting in the cut, she really didn't care. She was more worried about the "baby" in her belly, who might have had an "accident".

She had everything planned already, even preparing a bag of blood and taking it with her. Before she fell on the ground, she had secretly poured the blood on the ground, so that she could fall on top of it.

Soon, the blood spread all over her body, with her legs and lower abdomen being soaked and red.

"Black, it hurts badly! My belly..." Holley's acting skills were put to the test. She appeared to be unable to speak from pain, and her beautiful face was ghastly pale.

Black felt heartbroken, and his heart seemed to have been cast into hot oil. He panicked, and his mind was a complete mess.

He had put his hand on Holley's shoulder earlier. After hearing that her belly hurt, he then touched her belly, but he sensed the strong smell of blood, as his hand touched her wet dress.

Stunned, Black realized something...

If it was Holley's arm that was wounded, how could her lower parts bleed?

The thought startled him. 'Is the baby...'

Black couldn't care about anything else but carrying Holley.

"Holley, bear with it for a while. We will reach the hospital soon. It will be alright." He tried his best to comfort Holley, as he carried her in his arms and ran all the way to his car.

Holley moaned sadly all the time. "Black, I, I think the baby is gone. Is it..." "Ah..."

Holley frowned tightly, her face full of cold sweat and her lips pale. Looking at her, Black felt concerned again.

As if on cue, Holley suddenly screamed, like she could no longer bear the pain, and then her head tilted. She had fainted.

Black was petrified, and his face turned livid. Running to his car in a rush, he could think about nothing else. He imme

comfort his mother at this young age, he didn't know where to start.

"Clark, Mommy's waiting for your answer. Why did you grab your sister's shell?" Not wanting her kids to see her sadness, Sheryl decided to change the subject.

"Mommy, I wanted to give the most beautiful shell to Daddy..." Clark answered, keeping his head lowered.

As soon as Sheryl heard his answer, her heart started trembling again.

Yes, Daddy...How could the kids forget their closest relative?

Even if she took them so far away, the thousands of miles would never stop the undeniable kinship between her kids and their father.

Thinking about it, Sheryl raised her hand to touch Clark's head. Then she glanced at Shirley and asked seriously, "Do you miss Daddy too?"

"Hmm, yes, very much."

"Mommy, when shall we go back to see Daddy?"

Hearing them expressing their feelings, almost at the same time, Sheryl wasn't prepared to answer this question.

Forcing a smile, Sheryl tried to look optimistic even if her heart was bleeding. "We can't go back home for now. Mommy still hasn't finished her job here. But if you really miss Daddy, you can make a video call to him, okay?"

"Really? Mommy, are you sure you won't be mad if I call Daddy?" Shirley asked again, making sure she had heard her mother right.

Hearing that, Clark looked at Sheryl subconsciously, afraid that his sister's words would make their mother unhappy.

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