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   Chapter 1890 Protect Him

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Checking her watch, Holley knew they had to have dinner quickly. Otherwise, they couldn't catch the movie and the good play she planned to enact.

"Holley, slow down. We still have plenty of time. Or we can watch the next screening." Seeing that Holley was swallowing her food so fast, Black was worried.

Holley shook her head in a hurry. "No. I am really hungry," she answered after drinking a glass of water. "I will eat slowly. I just want to watch the show we initially planned."

"Okay. Take your time." Black couldn't bear to see Holley playing the woman, since he could do nothing to her whenever she acted like this.

Soon they finished dinner and headed straight to the cinema.

The movie house was almost full when they entered. Shortly after they found their seats, the lights were dimmed, and the movie started playing. It was a romantic movie. To be frank, Holley never liked this genre, but she didn't have much of a choice.

As the movie carried on, Holley couldn't help checking her cell phone.

In the beginning, Black didn't notice that at all. His concentration was on the screen, and he expected Holley to do the same. However, the light of Holley's cell phone screen attracted his attention, so he turned to his girlfriend and asked, "Holley, what's up? Are you waiting for something? You've been checking your phone a few times already."

"Nothing. I was just checking the time. I want to see when the movie will end." Holley looked awkward. Good thing the cinema was all dark, or else Black might have seen her unusual expression.

"Don't you want to watch the movie? Or are you not feeling well?" Afraid that he had neglected Holley, Black would get nervous every time there seemed to be something wrong with her.

"No. I just want to check. Keep watching the movie and leave me alone." Holley argued the matter off.

She was already feeling worried. They were supposed to have been attacked in the cinema, as planned, but why hadn't the guy come yet?

Suddenly, her phone vibrated as she received a text message. Holl

. If you dare hurt her, I won't let you go." Looking at the masked man, Black's expression became cruel and cold.

"What? Do you think we're in a movie? Do you want to act like a hero and save this beauty?" The man looked at Black disdainfully.

Facing this evildoer, Black could no longer control his anger.

"Let her go!" Black shouted, his voice sounding more like a threat.

Apparently, hearing Black's words, the man felt irritated and started waving the knife at him in an instant. He was going to stab Black soon.

Since the man focused on fighting against Black, he decided to release Holley, but instead of running away she dashed towards him.

It happened in a flash, the quick swoosh of the blade against her flesh, accompanied by Holley's sudden intake of breath.



"I warn you. The police are on their way. If you don't want to die, just go now!" Holley warned the killer, her face turning pale.

Frightened, the masked man seized his chance to run away, throwing the bloody knife aside.

Holley fell to the ground, screaming in severe pain. Her hands were bright red as she tried to cover her wound, but she couldn't stop the bleeding.

Black was stunned. He had never thought that Holley would use her body as a shield to protect him. When she fell on the ground, screaming in agony, Black ran to her side in desperation.

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