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   Chapter 1889 A Minor Issue

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"Black, I had a dispute with Sheryl because of a project in the past. Isla is her best friend. I know she still blames me for it..." Making use of Aron's interruption, Holley quickly came up with something to attack Isla.

"You... Holley, you're lying!"

"Isla, I've been very tolerant lately. It isn't fair for you to be mad at me because of Sheryl's downfall. She is the person responsible for everything that is going wrong in her life. I don't understand why you hold me responsible for it!" Having said that, Holley started to weep.

Black was heart-broken once he saw her in this state. Wrapping her in his arms, Black tried to console Holley. His gaze shifted to Aron, and he said, "Who is this?"

"My wife!" Aron wasn't a person who would wince easily. Now that Isla was in a difficult situation, he had made up his mind to step in.

"Better ask her to watch her actions!"

"I advise you the same!" Aron retorted back.

Earlier, Isla had been under the impression that Aron had come to pull her away. But now, it turned out that he was here to help her. 'I'm so glad that he's here!' she thought to herself happily.

"Okay, let's just wrap this matter up. I don't care what happened between Holley and Sheryl in the past. The bottom line is, it has nothing to do with you. Hence, I don't see the point in you arguing about it!" Black sensed that there would be a huge row between Holley and Isla if he didn't stop it. Now that he had been freed from his confinement, he had no intention of creating any more trouble. If anything went wrong, he might end up locked away again. Considering all of this, he decided it was best to let the matter go. Using his calmest tone, he tried to prevent the altercation from leveling up.

"I have to settle this right here and right now! Holley, have you forgotten what you had done to Sheryl in the past? Now tell me, what is the project that you're referring to? Is it a project about how you framed Sheryl?" Isla jeered.

Holley was struck speechless. Black wasn't aware of Holley's past, and Holley had no intention of showing it to him. Initially, she had hoped to hide it from him. Deep down, she knew that if he found that out, their relationship would

ht between you and Sheryl?" Though Black had no idea who Isla was, he knew Sheryl was Charles' ex-wife. In fact, he had met her on a few occasions.

"Oh, yes, but it was just a minor issue. There was a project. They were close to getting it, but we successfully took it from them. Since then, Isla hates me. She makes use of every opportunity to defame me!"

"She's terrible! I'll ask someone to give her a warning! I don't want her to mess with you anymore!" Black's face twisted as if he was enraged by Isla.

"You don't have to do that. It's a private matter between her and I. If you get into trouble, the whole company is going to be affected! I know Aron has some partnership projects with the company. I don't want you to be worried about it. There's nothing Isla can do to me, other than cursing!" Holley suddenly turned nervous when she heard that Black was going to warn Isla.

'If he decides to confront Isla, it's definitely going to be a disaster! I just want to stay away from that woman! What if she reveals all my darkest secrets to Black? No way! I can't let that happen, ' Holley thought to herself.

Seeing Holley's insistent look, Black respected her choice.

"All right, but I'll assign two guards to protect you. Please, don't say no to that. I am truly worried about your safety!" Black pleaded, sounding genuinely concerned.

"I'm okay with that!" Holley heaved a small sigh of relief.

Soon, they arrived at a restaurant near the cinema.

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