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   Chapter 1888 Why Are You So Quiet

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Hearing this, Holley gave a hearty smile, "Sure!"

They grabbed some food and then changed before they hit the streets. After all, they had plenty of time to kill before the movie started.

There was a saying that "Pregnant women care about their looks the most," but Black never believed that until now. Watching Holley pick out and try dresses on with much joy, he was convinced the saying was true.

"Black, what do you think of this dress?" Holley was wearing a black one-piece dress, which looked dashing and sexy on her. She turned around slowly, letting him see how the fabric hugged her curves perfectly.

Black frowned a bit. After hesitating for a while, he voiced his observation cautiously, "Holley, now that you are pregnant, don't you think such a tight piece could create some restraint on the fetus?"

Hearing Black's comment, Holley felt a little displeased. She really liked that piece, and it had looked great on her when she had checked herself out in the mirror earlier.

Although Holley hid her displeasure well and it only lasted a split second, Black was still able to catch it. Folding her into his arms for some canoodling, he softly said, "You were saying?" Feeling intoxicated by his hug, Holley held her head high as she stared up at his face.

Finding Holley's reaction so amusing, Black gesture for the sales assistant to come over. "We will take it."

"Of course, Mr.Hu." The sales assistant naturally knew Black, and seeing that he had just picked out the most expensive dress in the boutique, she definitely felt overjoyed.

"Thank you," Holley said, "for being so nice to me." She had set her eyes on this dress for a long time, but she had never wanted to buy it herself. So Holley certainly would take the opportunity when Black offered to buy it for her.

Seeing that Black was now being nice to her, Holley would grab whatever chance she had, since she wasn't sure how long he would be treating her this nicely.

"It would be my pleasure. You don't need to be this polite. I would have been upset if you had ended up rejecting my gift." Black stared at Holley, pretending to be annoyed by her politeness.

Coming around, Holley nodded slightly. She felt extremely happy inside.

The day seemed never-ending. They had gone from one shop to the next, and Black ended up paying for whatever item that caught Holley's fancy. None of them had ever had that much fun shopping in the past, so it had been a great experience.

Looking at his watch, Black saw they still have two hours before the movie

to leave it. Standing up, she grabbed Black's arm and said, "Let's just go. I've already lost my appetite."

Unlike Sheryl, Isla would not hesitate to reveal all the things that Holley had done. So Holley felt concerned about how Black would react when Isla started listing them. Right now, he was willing to go to the moon and back just to make her happy. If this conversation went on, Holley wasn't sure if he would feel the same way at the end.

"What? Did the cat get your tongue? I remember you to be quite a feisty one. I'm surprised there is not a single comeback." Isla had been expecting that today's confrontation would be as chaotic as their last encounter. However, it seemed that Holley had changed all of a sudden.

"Isla, you are way out of line! That's enough!" Holley felt more embarrassed as Isla grew louder, catching everyone's attention.

"What? Am I the one who is out of the line? Then, please, do tell if I am wrong about you?" Not willing to let it slide, Isla pressed on. She had no intention of letting Holley leave with her dignity that easily.

Noticing how Holley had turned pale and that she was taken aback by this aggressive woman, Black instantly felt that he needed to step up for her. "Do you know who I am?" Black glared at Isla as he stood between them.

"I don't care who you are!"

"How dare you..."

"Black, long time no see! How are you?" Aron naturally knew who Black was, and not wanting Isla to take any heat from him, he had no choice but to step up for her.

"Aron?" Black was surprised to see a familiar face. He had worked with Aron once on a project, and neither of them had thought that they would meet again under such circumstances.

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