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   Chapter 1885 I Swear

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When Holley heard him say that again, she was stunned.

Ferry grew agitated when Holley didn't respond. Frowning, he spat, "Holley, this will be your last chance. You better speak up right now!"

"Well, nothing's been going on lately with Leila..."

"So what?" Upon the mention of Leila's name, Ferry's interest was piqued.

'I think Holley doesn't know that I contacted Leila, and I can make use of this.

They might end up fighting one another. This is going to be fun, ' Ferry thought to himself, an evil smile forming on his face.

"Can you help me with the Hu family first? Then I'll do my best to help you with Leila," Holley requested after much hesitation.

She couldn't rely on anyone else now but Ferry. Even though she knew that Ferry despised her, she had no choice but to ask him for help as she didn't have anyone else.

"Ha-ha, Holley, I thought you said that Leila was on your side? She lied to you then?" Ferry jeered.

He just saw Holley as someone to be played with, as a source of entertainment.

"What...What do you mean?" Holley blurted out. She was in a daze. She wasn't sure what Ferry was trying to say.

Ferry bellowed with laughter, after which, he said, "Holley, you're a total failure."

Before Holley could say anything else, he'd already hung up the phone.

Holley didn't know what Ferry was talking about. She'd figured it was probably something she needed to know, so she called a private detective for help.

After anxiously waiting for half a day, she finally got the information she needed—Leila had been in touch with Ferry. 'That was why he said that, ' she thought.

When Holley received this news, she angrily threw her phone to the floor. After she calmed down, she picked it up again and dialed Le

as they went back to work.

"Holley, you shouldn't be so stressed and angry all the time. Think of your health. Just calm down," Black reprimanded. He gently stroked her back to comfort her.

"They are so annoying!" After darting a cold glance at the employees, Holley followed Black into the office.

She'd been so worried about Black. Just when she didn't know what to do, he suddenly appeared.

She couldn't contain her excitement anymore. The minute she saw Black, her mood changed, and she became much more spirited.

They shut the door and sat on the couch side by side. Tugging at Black's arm, Holley said sweetly, "Black, look at my stomach. I'm showing. Did you miss me and our baby?"

Holley knew she needed to make Black feel guilty. The more guilty Black felt, the more power she had. She couldn't rely on Ferry now, so she only had Black now. She was lucky that Ferry wasn't going to kill her. So Black was her last ray of hope.

"Holley, I've been missing you so much. I rushed here the moment my father agreed. I promise not to leave you ever again. Wherever you go, I'll be with you. I swear!" Black said firmly as he sincerely gazed at Holley.

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