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   Chapter 1884 Feeling Restless

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Leila wasn't convinced by the woman's insincere apology, and she laughed it off smugly like it meant nothing to her. She pointed her finger at the woman, whose name was Rebecca Han, and said, "Do you call that an apology? If you're not going to mean it, then why even bother apologizing to me?"

"I am so sorry, Ms. Zhang. Just tell me what you want me to do! I'll do anything. Only, please, let me go?" Since Leila had seen through her facade, Rebecca lowered her head in shame and embarrassment, deliberately avoiding making eye contact with Leila.

Leila had many virtues, but unfortunately, empathy was not one of them. Anyone who crossed her path deserved to be punished, at least, in her opinion. Leila wasn't mean out of malice, but rather an exaggerated sense of self-preservation. It was the only way she knew how to deal with her insecurities.

"Let you go? I haven't even done anything to you yet." Leila looked at her with puzzlement, like she had no idea what Rebecca was talking about.

Rebecca swallowed her pride and begged for mercy. After hearing Leila's response, she didn't know what to say.

When she saw that Leila was deliberately giving Rebecca a hard time, Wade decided to intervene with a friendly smile. "Ms. Zhang, Rebecca has a loose tongue. Please, don't let her get to you."

"You're right! I shouldn't lower myself to the same level as an idiot." Leila cast a cold glance at Wade as she hadn't expected her to come to Rebecca's rescue like that.

Wade felt intimidated by Leila's stare, and she swallowed the lump that had gathered in her throat before forcing a smile. "Ms. Zhang, it's not a big deal..."

"It's not a big deal?" This time, Leila was determined to make this woman suffer, and there was nothing Wade could do to stop her.

As brave as Wade was for standing up to Leila, she was also smart enough to know when to bow out of a fight.

When Rebecca realized that even Wade couldn't change Leila's mind, she felt weak at the knees, like she was going to fall to the floor at any moment.

Her weakness only fueled Leila's anger

wanted Charles to marry Leila as badly as Melissa did.

Meanwhile, at Tarsan Corporation

Holley furiously threw the files on the floor and pointed at her secretary with disappointment. "What are you doing? You can't even handle such an easy job. Do you expect me, the General Manager, to do your work for you?"

"Miss Ye, I am so sorry. It's my fault. I am going to take care of it now!" The frightened secretary wasted no time to gather and pick up the files from the floor. As soon as she picked up the files, she scampered out as fast as she could.

Holley was still fuming in anger even after the secretary left.

It had been a long time since she had heard from Ferry and Leila. The anticipation was making her feel nauseous, and she couldn't wait anymore.

Frustrated, Holley took out her phone and called Ferry's number.

Meanwhile, Ferry was having a good time in the company of a woman when he suddenly received Holley's call.

Looking at the caller ID, he flashed a smile and said, "I have been busy coping with Charles these days and forgotten all about you."

Then he answered the call.

"What's up? I know you haven't seen me in a few days. Did you miss me?" Ferry spoke casually.

Holley, however, was quick to catch the sarcasm in his tone. She knew Ferry wanted her dead, which was why she felt even more worried when he decided to speak to her nicely.

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