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   Chapter 1882 The Chance To Wake Up

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David trailed off. The news Leila had told him wasn't good news at all.

"Go on!" Charles urged. He could already tell something was up based on David's hesitation.

"Mrs. Lu isn't going to wake up anytime soon. The doctor said what's most important is her consciousness. As long as she has the will, and she wants to wake up, there's a good chance that she will," David said solemnly.

"I see," Charles replied, his voice deep and emotionless.

David seemingly wanted to empathize with Charles. However, just as he was about to open his mouth to say something comforting, Charles interrupted him.

"No need to comfort me. My mother is a strong woman. If anyone can get through this, it's her." Charles genuinely believed that Melissa was going to wake up soon.

David didn't say anything anymore.

After hanging up the call with David, Charles wasn't in the mood to work anymore. He left Dream Garden and headed to the neighborhood where Sheryl used to live. Even if he wasn't meeting Sheryl there, he liked walking around there as it was a way for him to calm himself.

The following day

Charles still couldn't focus on working, but he didn't want to make the company suffer for that. So he spent half his day working and the other half at the hospital. That was the only way he could relax.

Leila stayed in the hospital every day and took good care of Melissa. She treated Melissa even better than she did her own mother.

Melissa couldn't dress or feed herself. Leila washed her body and changed the catheter bags for her. She did the jobs a nurse would normally do.

"Ms. Zhang, thank you so much for all you've done these past few days." It had been half an hour since Charles had arrived at Melissa's room, and Leila still hadn't sat down to rest. She was so busy taking care of Melissa. He didn't want this to go unappreciated.

Charles looked at Leila, and he put on an expression that showed he appreciated her. Of course, he was just pretending. On the inside, he wante

or some reason.

Upon seeing the look on her face, Leila eyed her from head to toe. Then she said, "What? Did you do something to get me into trouble? Why are you so scared?"

Wade flushed upon hearing this. She then hurriedly explained, "No, Ms. Zhang. I didn't do anything. I just thought you'd be at the hospital for a few more days. I didn't think you'd be back today."

"Why? Did you think that you'd get my job if I didn't come back?" Leila said disdainfully.

She only said a few words, but it was enough to make Wade feel bad.

"Ms. Zhang, would you like a cup of coffee?" another secretary suddenly chimed in. She didn't want Wade to get into trouble. Leila would probably own Shining Company in the next few months. If Wade got in her way, things might not turn out so well for her.


Leila could tell that the other secretary had interrupted them on purpose. She'd just come back, and if she wanted to punish someone, she had lots of chances to do that again in the future. She could let this go for now.

Wade nodded at her colleague to express her thanks. Meanwhile, Leila took a seat in her chair.

Soon, David arrived.

Leila frowned upon seeing him. She knew that as long as David was around, her chances of being with Charles were slim. She then quickly walked up to him and blocked his way.

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